3 Problems With The Traditional Job Search (And How They’re Keeping You From Getting Hired!)

3 Problems With The Traditional Job Search (And How They're Keeping You From Getting Hired!)

It’s not an easy decision to commit to searching for a new job. It takes you out of your comfort zone, it’s a huge time commitment, and the possibility of change is on the horizon. But did you know that you are probably wasting your time with a traditional job search? There are 3 major problems with doing it the old-school way:

1. Your resume is getting stuck in an ATS (Application Tracking System)

Application tracking systems have become pretty standard in the job market. When you submit your resume to a company online, it most likely goes through an ATS and gets screened based on certain keywords. This means that if you don’t have the right keywords, or even if you use abbreviations vs. the whole word or phrase, your resume might not even be making it to HR.

2. If your resume does get through, you’re being judged by a piece of paper, not your whole story

Sure, your resume shows your work history, but does it really tell your story? HR and Hiring Managers receive hundreds of resumes for each position, and they only have a short amount of time to judge if you’re qualified or not. So if your resume contains things that need further explanation like gaps or ambiguous titles, you’re missing an opportunity to sell yourself by just submitting a resume.

3. You don’t have someone championing you through the process.

There’s nothing that will sell your qualifications more than someone who is invested in your career and landing you this new position. When you submit your resume straight to a company online (the traditional way), you don’t have that cheerleader on your side.

Before you get discouraged by these major job search obstacles, consider partnering with a recruiter for the next step in your career. Recruiters have a direct line to the hiring manager and will ensure your resume will be front and center on their desk. Every time we submit a candidate, we tell a story. We address any potential issues up front and highlight your exemplary qualifications. And because we’re invested in you getting hired with our clients, we champion you throughout the whole process – maintaining a steady stream of communication, answering questions as soon as they arise, and scheduling interviews that work for both parties.

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