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6 Fall Job Search Musts

6 Fall Job Search Musts

6 Fall Job Search Musts

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

There’s something about fall that gives the impression of new beginnings. I think it starts when you’re young and you have to get ready for back to school. It was one of my favorite things – getting set for a brand new year with new teachers, new supplies, and so much to learn! And I think that mindset never truly goes away. Even after you’ve been out of school for years and years, the excitement and buzz around the beginning of autumn flutters around like the leaves rapidly falling to the ground. So, how can you apply your “new school year” excitement to your adult career? How about starting fresh with a new job? The fall job search is trending.

Above all, the hiring market is on the rise, and it’s a prime time to search for a new position. Now, we all know that searching for a new position is not easy. It takes a WHILE to adequately prepare for a job search – not to mention everything that comes after the search – like the application, interviews, and offer consideration. Research shows that January and February are the most popular months for companies to make a big hiring push – making autumn the PERFECT time to start preparing. Here are some of our favorite ways to get started on a fall career refresh:

  1. Reset your Resume

Chances are, you haven’t updated your resume in a while. Even if you have, there’s always more you can add! Check out our post here on getting that resume started.

  1. Create a Working Cover Letter Template

You may have read a few articles suggesting that cover letters are out-dated and unnecessary. While this may be true, chances are you’re going to come across a few applications that require one, and you do NOT want to have to start over from scratch when your dream job is on the line! Come up with a working template that will allow you to customize your cover letter to each position you apply for. (We like this one from The Muse.)

  1. Prep Your References

When the time comes, you’ll be grateful to have enthusiastic references at the ready. Check out our “Foolproof Guide to References” to make this step a breeze. (Bonus: if you mention that you’re putting feelers out there for a new job – one of your references might have an in somewhere!)

  1. Brush up on the Latest Interview Tips

Ah, the dreaded interview. Don’t get caught off guard when you get invited to interview, now’s the time to brush up on the latest trends! We’ve got you covered here from start to finish:

Interviewing 101
10 Typical Interview Questions & How to Answer Them
Ask These Questions At Your Next Job Interview
5 Interview Fails That Will Make You Look Unprofessional

  1. Check your Online Presence

Of course, this means cleaning up your social media profiles to make sure they’re professional (but you’ve probably already done that… we hope.) But it also means creating an online presence for yourself. Think about publishing professional blogs on LinkedIn, or creating an Instagram account that highlights your portfolio, or even a personal website that displays your resume and contact information. All of these online “extras” will be sure to set you apart from other candidates in this competitive market.

  1. Set up job alerts

Now that you’re all prepped – the fun begins! Set up job alerts with your favorite companies or your prospective job titles, and let them tell you when they’re looking. This will save you a ton of time and keep you informed. (You can join our talent network by location or by job title)

Create your Future through Your Fall Job Search

Here at JSG, we want to help you land your dream career in any season, but we have the tools and recruiters to make this fall the best one yet! Partner with a JSG recruiter today to advance your career faster than the colorful leaves are falling!

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