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January 2023 Anniversaries

Here at JSG, we like to honor our employees by celebrating their work anniversaries every month! Make sure to connect with your fellow coworkers through their Linkedin accounts. Below are those that started their journey with JSG in January:

Dale Slater 1/1/1985
Don Franks 1/15/2007
Jim Filarski 1/1/2008
Ben Shirley 1/4/2009
Jim Beckley 1/12/2009
Greg Howard 1/30/2012
Kathleen Rouse 1/22/2013
Larry Scheuerman 1/4/2016
Foster Zembraski 1/25/2016
Dena Lyerly 1/25/2016
Kathy Stevens 1/3/2017
Kyle Hardin 1/16/2017
Amanda Monaco 1/8/2018
Andrea Shank 1/14/2019
Aretha Allen 1/28/2019
Kyle Gardner 1/27/2020
Daniel Ellis 1/3/2022
Nicole Anderson 1/3/2022
Vanessa Criollo 1/10/2022
Francesca Lopez 1/11/2022
Andrew Davidson 1/26/2022

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