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Employees Want These Benefits in 2023

It is crucial to cater to the needs and wants of employees, as they are getting more particular about who they work for and the benefits they offer. If you are not keeping up with their expectations, employees may begin to jump ship. Be the company that draws people in and keeps them around!

Hybrid/Flexible Schedules

This is one of the few benefits a company can offer which costs NOTHING. If the nature of your company’s service allows for remote work, allowing remote or hybrid options could greatly benefit you and your employees. Not only do employees tend to be happier with more flexible schedules and locations, but allowing hybrid/remote could save you money in the long run (e.g., energy costs, office space rental, etc.). Check out this recent article about the benefits of implementing a hybrid schedule for your employees.

Paid Parental Leave

Employees want to feel comfortable having children without worrying about income suddenly halting while their expenses are skyrocketing. Offering paid parental leave can help keep valuable employees of yours around. If you are unable to offer extended paid leave, offering more flexible schedules for new parents would be greatly appreciated by employees. If you are typically an entirely in-person or hybrid office, allow new parents to work fully remote for a certain amount of time after their child’s birth or adoption. This will enable employees to be present with their children while maintaining their job responsibilities.

Educational Support

Employees may be considering furthering their education. This can majorly benefit YOU! You may want to contribute to their tuition or permit flexible hours to allow employees to attend classes. According to Investopedia, employers that help fund their employees’ continued education are more likely to have “increased employee loyalty, reduced turnover, increased productivity, and an employee pool with the skills needed to take on new projects and move into leadership positions.” By supporting employees in these situations, you retain their talent, ensuring that the investment in their education pays for itself!

Employees stick around when they feel supported by their employer. Offer your employees what they need, and both parties will benefit!

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