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Time Saving Tip: Resumes

Compiling and applying resumes can be EXHAUSTING. Oh, you think you can simply attach your resume to a job application and go on your merry way? WRONG. The website on which you are applying is making you fill in your job experience separately as well. Oh, and you also just realized that you forgot what your job responsibilities were when you were on a four-month contract two years ago. Do not let application complications deter you from submitting your impressive resume!

Create a Template 

Just like your cover letter, creating a base template for your resume is key to saving yourself time and energy during the job search process. You may be applying to a few different job types within your field. For example, you could be applying to nonprofit marketing positions as well as marketing positions for small businesses. You will want your resume to highlight slightly different content between nonprofit and small business applications. Keep separate base resume templates for each of these niches, then tailor each base for the specific company you are applying to.

Add as You Work

The last thing you want to do when applying for a new job is to try to remember all of the relevant experience you had in the last [X] number of years. Add experiences to your resume as you participate in work, training, degrees, or certifications. Even if you are not looking for a job any time soon, you will thank yourself later when the time does come. Your memory of these experiences will be the freshest right after/when they happen, so add them to your resume ASAP!

Bonus Tip: Jot down some unofficial notes about your experiences in one big document. They may help refresh your memory before job interviews!

Avoiding Autofill Woes

We’ve all been there: You upload your resume to a job website, and autofill has started to tear apart your resume in a way that makes it unrecognizable. According to AI, the title of your first job was “Lancaster, PA, 2004.” You can use helpful websites like Jobscan or My Perfect Resume to create resume documents that work well with ATS (applicant tracking systems). No one knows AI better than, well, AI! Using these resources will make the application process quicker and less strenuous.

Get those applications out there! Use these tips to expedite your process so you can apply with confidence. Happy hunting!

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