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July Employee Highlight Austin

July Employee Highlight: Austin McKeever

This month, JSG would like to highlight an employee who has gone above and beyond recently—Austin McKeever! Each month, JSG’s employees have the opportunity to nominate one of their coworkers to be highlighted on our social media accounts. Austin’s coworkers sung his praises, noting his contribution to their branch’s recent growth.

To kick things off, Austin onboarded over 80 consultants over the past two months. He will be onboarding ANOTHER 80+ consultants in July! He has assisted them in learning our client’s new timekeeping system—something that Austin quickly picked up in order to help our consultants understand. In addition to all of this, Austin processes all of the weekly timesheets for a branch that started the year with a 220 headcount that will almost certainly be above 300 by August.

Outside of work, Austin does not slow down. His alma mater is the University of North Florida, not too far from the Jacksonville JSG location where he currently works. He spends his free time surfing and has some good stories to tell. Just ask him about the scar on his arm. (Hint: it is from a shark bite!)

We are so grateful to have someone as dedicated and motivated as Austin on our team. Thank you for all of your hard work! JSG thinks you are great.

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