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Selecting the Right Candidate

Selecting the Right Candidate

How do you know if you are selecting the right candidate at the end of the interview process? It can be easy to feel conflicted between someone with the right “vibe” and someone with the seemingly perfect experience level. Read on for some help with weighing the value of different characteristics to your company.


This is the first thing we look at when a resume comes in. In most cases, you do not even need to speak to this person live to know if they are technically qualified for the role for which you are hiring. However, it is beneficial to speak to the candidate to find out in what capacity they were doing this work previously. There is no international standard for what every job title really entails, so make sure to dig a little deeper. Ask them about their day-to-day in previous roles to gain a clear understanding of their experience.

Soft Skills

Dare we say that soft skills are just as important as concrete qualifications? WE DARE. Specific soft skills make someone teachable, motivated, easy to work with, etc. Look for someone who is a good communicator and always looking to improve. People who are open to hearing others’ perspectives and willing to admit mistakes in their work are usually the best at what they do—they are consistently looking to better themselves and their craft. These candidates see coworkers as resources rather than competition; they will be a great asset to your team.

Culture Fit

Does this candidate fit with the “energy” of your team? Obviously, we do not want to have an office filled with 30 copies of the same person, but teams work best when they get along well. Having a diverse group of people that can easily get along and communicate is ideal. A candidate can be wildly different from others on your team, but if they can jump in and chat with the team, they may be an excellent fit for you.

Hiring is an exciting process. JSG wishes you the best of luck in finding that perfect fit!

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