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Setting Yourself Apart from Other Candidates

Setting Yourself Apart from Other Candidates

When interviewing, it never hurts to stick out from others who are up for the job. There is no need to bring company-themed cupcakes to the interview. Simply follow the guidelines below–a few genuine ways to set yourself apart from your contenders.

Follow up

If you walked away from the interview wanting the job, follow up with your interviewer. Thank them for their time while letting them know that you are interested in the position. This does not mean that you can’t play your cards close to the vest for the sake of negotiating. You do not have to say, “I AM READY TO TAKE THIS POSITION AT ANY COST!” Just let them know that you are interested and would like to talk further.

Be real

Don’t be stiff! Try to seem like a real person; after all, you (most likely) are one. It is okay not to have every perfect answer during an interview. Most companies want to employ people, not robots. Find ways to connect with your interviewer. If they ask you any questions about your personal life, try to use that as a segue to learn more about them!


Interviewer: What do you do in your free time?

You: I really like to {insert fun activity here}. Have you ever done {fun activity}?

This allows the interviewer to open up and tell you more about them, giving you the chance to make a personal connection with them outside of the run-of-the-mill interview question/answer time.

Ask good questions

Be sure to ask questions whose answers you actually want to know! Of course, you can ask the basic questions (i.e., What is your favorite part about the job?), but also make sure you get answers to the questions that will impact your decision about the job. You could ask what they think of the area that the building is in. Ask what makes people stick around at the company. Returning to the last point, do not be afraid to ask them questions about themselves (without derailing the interview too much). Just like they are trying to get to know you as a candidate and person, you need to get to know them as a potential coworker and person! ALWAYS ask questions. It signals that you are interested and invested in the position you have applied for.

When you are vying for a sought-after position, it always helps to stand out for what you can bring to the table (NOT for bad things)! Go into your interview with confidence and self-assurance. You’ve got this!

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