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The People of Mining: Heart & Soul

Three years ago, my life changed when I became a recruiter in the mining industry.

Ironically, I grew up and lived a good portion of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area, the heart of Silicon Valley; the high-tech capital of the world. Large corporate names, some still present and some now gone, got their start there and changed the world with new technology and must-have gadgets. The vast orchards and farms that once carpeted San Jose, San Francisco, and the surrounding cities have long since been replaced by corporate headquarters and homes, for as far as the eye can see.

So, what does this trip down memory lane have to do with Mining and why is it ironic, you ask? The technology invented by some of Silicon Valley’s greats, would not be a reality without the hard-working men and women who mine the materials used to make the products containing the technology. The irony is mine; two worlds, polar opposites, but intricately intertwined. I have come full circle and landed where I am supposed to be. So, what I have learned?

  • The people of mining have heart and soul
  • Family comes first
  • Integrity is everything
  • They are the hardest working people I have ever met
  • They are adventuresome and willing to do what it takes, to provide for their families
  • Their importance in our lives is underappreciated
  • Humble
  • Gracious
  • Kind
Eldred Johnson, Grandfather of JSG Account Executive Jeremy Johnson, at his family’s tungsten mine in Rye Valley, Idaho following a blast (circa 1970/1980)

I am thankful that my life path has led me here.  It wasn’t an easy journey, but I feel like I am finally home. I appreciate everyone I speak with and thank them for sharing the stories of their lives with me. I thank you for trusting me and most importantly, for allowing me to be a part of an extended family that has changed and enriched my life.

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