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Finding a Job that You Enjoy

Finding a Job that You Enjoy

In decades past, one usually looked for a job simply as a means to provide income. Times are changing. Companies have become more employee-focused to create an enjoyable work environment. We spend much of our lives at work—why shouldn’t it be a place we enjoy frequenting?

The People

Look for jobs that would allow you to work with people you enjoy. If possible, ask for an in-person interview to feel out the energy of the office. If you want a diverse office, search for that! Would you benefit from having more coworkers your age? Look for that! These are people that you will spend the MAJORITY of your week with; you need to like them at least a little bit. In fact, you should have coworkers that you would like to get to know!

The Benefits

Does the company give you enough vacation time? Do they offer a fair healthcare plan? Look for a company that seems to care about its people and their well-being. Good benefits can signal a good overall attitude from the company of care for the employee. A company that cares about taking care of its employees is more likely to have company events, celebrate birthdays, and do things their employees enjoy.

The Mission

Work can be a lot more fulfilling when you believe in your company’s mission. Your company doesn’t have to be a place that supports the exact niche you are passionate about (e.g., pottery with special needs adults). However, it can have a mission that you still care about furthering (e.g., recruiting to help unemployed people find jobs). If you specifically do NOT believe in a company’s mission, RUN—working there may lead to self-loathing.

Working a job that you enjoy can dramatically improve your quality of life. Take the time to find a job that brings you some joy. By no means does it have to be perfect in every way, but finding a job that brings you little joys throughout the day is something to seek after.

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