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How To Hire Better In 2022

How To Hire Better In 2022

It’s no secret that hiring was challenging in 2022. As nearly 20 million workers resigned last year alone, competition in the hiring market was as tough as it’s ever been. However, this trend does not have to continue into the new year. You can do three things to hire better in 2022 starting today. Let’s discuss.

Be more flexible

According to LinkedIn data, over 35% of entry-level jobs require at least three years of experience. Wait, what? How did we get so turned around? Your chances of hiring hard-working, motivated employees will increase tenfold if you are more flexible with requirements. Entry-level jobs should require absolutely no experience (that’s why they’re entry-level!), and even higher-level positions should be more lax in requirements. Instead, think about the skills and traits that are truly necessary for success in this role. So much of what employees do is trainable!

Hire faster

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: time kills all deals. LinkedIn data shows that the average hiring process took 49 days in some industries over the past year and a half. So, from the day a candidate applies to the day they start is two months! In a job market like today’s, that is plenty of time for your competition to swoop in and make a more substantial offer. Instead, speed up the hiring process as much as possible. Make it a priority to schedule interviews and follow up with candidates immediately. Find someone you like? Offer them the job! Gone are the days of multiple rounds of phone, video, and in-person interviews. To hire better in 2022, we’ll need to speed things up significantly.

Pay more

Over the past two years, inflation has skyrocketed. Salaries? Not so much. One of the reasons people are quitting in droves is to seek out better pay. It’s no longer acceptable to pay employees the bare minimum. Ensure your HR team is up to speed on local minimum wage increases, market salary rates, and competitive benefits. The bottom line is: if you pay people, they will come!

2022 is looking to be another rollercoaster year. Stay ahead of hiring obstacles by implementing these three changes now. And don’t be afraid to adapt as the year goes on to hire better in 2022. Looking for more advice on hiring and interviewing? Explore our client resources here.

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