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Should You Make A TikTok Resume?

Should You Make A TikTok Resume?

In September, the social media giant TikTok announced it surpassed 1 billion global monthly users. Over the last few years, this social platform has been surging, and thanks to the pandemic, more users are signing up to watch funny videos and keep up to date with social media trends. One of these trends is a new job search strategy: making a TikTok resume. But is creating a video resume and posting it on TikTok a suitable strategy for your job search?

Why TikTok resumes?

Besides the massive user base, TikTok recently launched a new program called TikTok Resumes. This new tool encourages users to create and post video resumes and helps employers find new talent. A video resume is a short recording highlighting your skill sets, background, and what you can bring to the table. However, TikTok provides a platform to insert fun visuals, music, and other effects to make your video resume stand out in the masses. Plus, with 130+ million users using #careertok and another 445+ million using #jobsearch, you have plenty of ways to be discovered. Nevertheless, this job search strategy may not be for everyone.

When is it appropriate to make a TikTok resume?

Making a TikTok resume can be an effective and fun strategy to catch the eyes of hiring managers or recruiters. But is this strategy appropriate for everyone? The short answer is no. If you are a marketing professional or recent graduate, this can be an effective strategy to get your resume out there. Creating a TikTok resume is an excellent way to highlight your strengths, illustrate your personality, and can be relevant to specific roles you are applying for. Big companies like Target and Shopify are leveraging this social media to tap into new talent pools. So, if an employer is openly using TikTok as a recruiting tool, it may be wise to consider creating one. But if you are unfamiliar with this platform or you are applying for a senior-level role, this may not be the strategy for you.

Regular social media job search rules still apply

TikTok can be a creative tool for your job search; however, regular social media rules still apply as they affect your job search. Review your privacy settings and ensure they are what you want. Of course, if you are making a resume on TikTok, you want it to be discovered. Therefore, you must have your privacy settings set up accordingly. But remember that with a public social media account, hiring professionals can see other content, such as the videos you like and share, the people you follow, and your personal posts. Be mindful of the accounts and content you engage with, as it can impact your chances of receiving an interview (or even a job offer!).

Here’s an example of a TikTok Resume if you are ready to make your own!


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