The Perks Your Employees Actually Care About

The Perks Your Employees Actually Care About

While hunting for a new job, you may have seen companies offer some unordinary or even bizarre perks. Whether that is unlimited snacks, regular happy hours, or a gaming center, these perks may sound attractive, but they’re not precisely what job seekers desire. Recent studies have revealed that employees 35 years old and under place more value on respect than these “fun” benefits. But what exactly do job seekers (and your current staff members) care about when it comes to job perks? Here are four perks that employees actually care about and why they are important to them. 

Health insurance

One of the most important perks employees care about is their insurance plans. Although this may sound dull, attractive insurance policies are the best way to care for your employees. Insurance plans can be costly with lackluster coverages. Offering solid insurance plans with partial or complete contributions, especially after a global pandemic, is quickly becoming a high priority for employees. Insurance plans that support medical, dental, and vision plans are a huge plus. This perk may not be as quirky and fun as an office ping pong table in the break room but is by far one that your employees actually care about.

Professional Development

Another great perk your employees care about is an investment in professional development. Just because employees graduated college with a degree doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn. Most of your staff wish to acquire more skills, earn new certifications and training, and become better, more well-rounded people. These perks can also make your employees better assets to your company by gaining more valuable skills that help them excel in their positions. So, it is safe to say that investing in your people through professional development initiatives is an excellent way to keep your staff feeling happy and fulfilled.

Work Flexibility 

If there was one thing employees learned from COVID-19 is that being flexible is the new norm. This pandemic has also caused an urge from employees to have more work flexibility in their jobs as we look to the future. A recent poll shows 78% of people believe having work flexibility options is one of the most appealing perks to have within a job. This can include work-from-home options, hybrid schedules, mental health daysor other accommodations. Offering flexible working environments is one of the best ways to take care of your employees (and attract new job seekers to your organization!).

Other Basic Perks

It’s essential to offer meaningful perks, like the ones mentioned above; however, there are plenty of basic perks your team can offer that can be just as fulfilling for many employees. Developing robust PTO policies and encouraging your staff to take advantage of them is an excellent incentive for employees to stick around. Even fostering a better overall work environment and healthy company culture can make a significant difference. Building a desirable workplace includes effective leadership and strong communication. Finally, offering competitive compensation can also help incentivize employees to be more effective at their jobs. These perks are not too crazy but provide attractive incentives to make your staff feel more appreciated and respected.

Still not Perk-fect? 

Perks can be hard to design and implement, especially since there are so many factors to consider. Here at JSG, we want to provide you with the best tools to help you implement successful hiring strategies. If your hiring team is searching for more advice to keep your staff satisfied, review our Client Resources! We have tons of helpful tips and tricks to boost your employee retention rates and foster a better working environment.