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How to Secure A Remote Job After the Pandemic

How to Secure A Remote Job After the Pandemic

The last 15+ months have drastically impacted us all. From social distancing to working remotely, the pandemic has had a lasting effect. As we (finally) return to somewhat normal with the economy opening back up, many people are starting to transition back to the office. However, with all the changes in our lives, working on-site may no longer work for some of us. If you are on the hunt for a job that better accommodates you and your family’s needs, here is how you can secure a remote job.

Use the right job search keywords

Lucky for job seekers, there are more remote job opportunities than ever before. According to FlexJobs, remote jobs have grown 44% over the last five years, and Covid-19 has only exacerbated this evolution. So, securing a remote job post-pandemic will not be challenging if you are using the correct job search terms. When searching for jobs on your go-to job board, using the right keywords will yield the best results.

Search phrases like “work from home,” “remote work,” “online,” and “telecommute,” along with your desired job title. For example, if you are looking for a customer service position, you can search “Remote Customer Service Representative.” Using the right search terms will filter out positions that are not remote to provide an overall better job search experience.

Also, you can select filters on specific job boards to only show remote jobs. LinkedIn, for example, has a filter labeled “remote” to weed out other job types.

Showcase your work from home skills

Once you have your job search down, the next step to securing a remote job is to showcase your work from home skills. Before you submit your application, you must tweak your resume to reflect your remote skills and experience. Employers will be looking for candidates with particular skill sets valuable for remote positions, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, teamwork software like Slack, and other technologies. If you have experience using these platforms, make sure you have them listed on your resume. Listing these in-demand skills on your resume will help you get through an ATS and land on a hiring manager’s desk.

Utilize remote job sites

When searching for a job, it can be overwhelming to select the right job board for you. There are dozens of mainstream job boards and hundreds of specialty, niche job sites to choose from. Lucky for you, there are a handful of excellent job boards that are entirely dedicated to sharing remote job opportunities. Some of the best out there are FlexJobsWe Work RemotelyVirtual Vocations, and Remote.co. These job sites only share remote positions and are trusted by some of the biggest brands out there. If you are serious about securing a remote job, utilize one of these.

Have you checked out our job board?

So, these are just a few simple ways to secure a remote job post-pandemic. If you are still looking for a new opportunity, take a moment to review our job board. At JSG, we have hundreds of jobs across North America with clients looking for talented job seekers like you. We have both on-site and remote opportunities, so be sure to check them out!

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