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How To Ensure Data Security With Your Remote Team

How To Ensure Data Security With Your Remote Team

Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies have implemented widespread remote work policies. And while this has allowed everyone to stay connected, it also creates a unique set of security issues. In other words, it’s challenging to ensure that your company’s data is secure. Here are a few things you can do to ensure data security with your remote team.

Train Your Employees

Your company’s data is only as secure as your weakest employee. As a result, training your employees on proper security and privacy practices is instrumental. Your training should include creating and storing secure passwords, sharing data internally and externally safely, and recognizing and reporting phishing emails. The more your employees know, the more they become an extension of your IT team.

Implement Secure Software & Connections

As employees branch out remotely, company-wide secure software and connections keep your company data safe. End-to-end encryption, secure email filters, and VPN connections give your team the tools to protect sensitive data. Which programs are best for you depends on your company’s size, the privacy-level of your data, and the depth of your IT team.

Perform Pen Testing

Penetration tests (otherwise known as ethical hacking) help to evaluate your system’s security. It helps to expose any vulnerabilities throughout your company. There are a variety of pen tests available, each able to accommodate different needs. Once you determine which is right for you, pen tests should be run at least once a year by professionals who know what to look for.

Partner With IT Professionals

Above all, the most comprehensive thing you can do to protect your company’s data is partner with a team of experts like Johnson Service Group’s IT Consulting professionals. We perform a complete analysis of your data security and technology needs and put together a custom solution to safeguard your remote employees. This includes pen testing, employee training, secure software, VPN connections, and much more! Contact us today to discuss your security options.

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