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What Pen Testing And Why Does The Security Of Your Company Depend On It?

What Is Pen Testing And Why Does The Security Of Your Company Depend On It?

If you’re at all familiar with cybersecurity, you may have heard of “pen testing.” But what is it, and why is it so crucial to today’s modern companies? We’re going to break down the definition of this technological test and explain how you can implement it in your organization to protect your future.

What Is Pen Testing?

Pen testing, otherwise known as penetration testing or even ethical hacking, is an authorized simulated cyberattack on a computer system performed to evaluate the system’s security. Essentially, it’s a test to expose possible vulnerabilities in your security. Once your IT team is aware of these vulnerabilities, you can better protect your company from future threats and attacks.

How Often Should We Run Pen Tests?

Pen tests should be performed regularly, as the sophistication of various hacking techniques changes almost daily. As a general rule, we recommend this ethical hacking at least once a year to ensure ongoing network security. However, companies perform tests more frequently depending on certain factors such as industry, company size, and company infrastructure. Larger and more digitally focused companies typically have more exposure to threats through various entry points, and highly regulated industries can actually mandate frequent pen tests.

How Can My Company Implement Pen Tests?

There are several strategies of pen testing, each valuable in different scenarios. In many cases, you’ll want to run multiple tests to cover a wide variety of threats. An internal tech team can perform Surface-level penetration tests. However, the attacks that are most threatening are those that you aren’t able to predict. This is why we recommend partnering with a professional and experienced third-party information technology team like Johnson Service Group. We can perform penetration tests from both an insider’s and an outsider’s perspective. Thus, exposing the most significant amount of threats to your data. We will partner with your company’s leaders to craft a custom testing and monitoring strategy designed to fit your needs and keep your organization protected. Furthermore, we address any threats head-on and implement security measures on the spot.  And over time, we help you build a strong defense against future threats.

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