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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Helpdesk Support

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Helpdesk Support

Does your internal IT staff handle all of your helpdesk support? While internally facilitating all of your helpdesk tasks may seem like the most economical route, this solution is quickly becoming ineffective for many companies. If your company is considering partnering with an external IT consulting firm to handle these time-consuming and mundane tasks, here are the benefits of outsourcing your helpdesk support.

New employee onboarding

With the pandemic turning a corner, your company may be shifting your hiring efforts into high gear. As a result, your internal IT team will be up to their necks in onboarding activities. Setting up emails, configuring new computers, updating software, activating user permissions… the list goes on and on. Unless you have a group of IT professionals on your team dedicated to these tasks, your IT staff will have to drop what they are working on to onboard these new employees. Pulling your staff away from other essential IT responsibilities is asking for bigger problems to surface.

On the other hand, employing additional staff members solely responsible for helpdesk support is costly. You have to pay their salaries, healthcare, benefits, and all the other overhead expenses. Instead of having a full-time staff member handle these responsibilities, you can outsource these tasks to save time and money.

Supporting a hybrid workforce

Additionally, with more companies starting to support a hybrid workforce (employees working both onsite and remotely), it makes more logistical sense to outsource your helpdesk support. Having an internal IT helpdesk support technician is nice when everyone works onsite. However, with more staff members working from home, it isn’t as necessary to have someone in-house. Employees might be working flexible hours, live in different time zones, or have less traditional schedules. Therefore, it is almost impossible to offer 24/7 technical support. But if you are outsourcing your helpdesk support, you can count on support members being available around the clock to provide help when your team needs it most.

Plus, with more staff working remotely, there are likely more issues to troubleshoot. Employees might be using different equipment, working on personal internet networks, and even making calls on their cell phones. Thus, there are many more issues to resolve. IT consulting firms, like JSG, are licensed professionals with cross-platform expertise. We can resolve any of your technical difficulties, regardless of your team’s needs.

More responsive

When your team’s helpdesk support is internal, you are at the mercy of your busy IT team. Simple support tickets sometimes get swept under the rug as your IT team is focused on more time-sensitive tasks. However, the consulting firm you outsource with is responsible for addressing their client’s IT issues quickly and efficiently. When a problem arises, we create a ticket and track them through our system. We closely monitor all of our tickets and appoint more resources when needed to resolve your technical difficulties in a reasonable amount of time. We also generate reports on all incidents to be transparent with our clients and monitor the completion of all tickets. No longer are you stuck emailing your IT team and waiting for them to stop what they are doing and provide assistance.

Does outsourcing your helpdesk support sound enticing?

There are many benefits of outsourcing your helpdesk support. Lower overhead costs, better response rates, and greater flexibility can help keep your operations running smoothly. If you are interested in learning more about our helpdesk support and other IT consulting services, reach out to us today. We are ready to help design a customized solution that fits your team’s needs and budget.

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