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Four Tips for Landing A Job in 2021

Four Tips for Landing A Job in 2021

A new year often signifies a new beginning, an opportunity for a fresh start. For many people, that new chapter means finding a new job opportunity. Over the past few years, this didn’t seem like such a daunting task as it may feel in today’s market. 2020 was a challenging year for many employers and job seekers, but this year will hopefully bring some much-needed change. Here are four tips for landing a job in 2021.

Broaden your job search

During the course of 2020, some industries absolutely thrived while others were devasted during the pandemic. As a result, it may be time to search beyond your current industry to one that is primed for success. Technology, E-Commerce, and healthcare are three industries that come to mind. These fields flourished during the pandemic and will continue to grow well beyond 2021. If you last worked in an industry that was hit pretty hard by the virus, it may be time to seek new opportunities in a different sector. This is where you want to illustrate your transferrable skills. You may not have the direct experience for a particular job, but do you have skills that can easily transfer into a new role and help you be successful?

Brush up on common interview questions

If you are preparing to land a job in 2021, you will need to brush up on your interview prep. One of the best ways to do that is to practice answering common interview questions. There are always a select group of interview questions you can count on the hiring manager to ask you. From “What motivates you?” to “Can you explain this gap in your employment?” there are dozens of common questions you will likely be asked, and the best way to successfully approach them is to practice your answers.

Here is a group of the most common interview questions with tips on answering them and examples to help you land a job in 2021.

Don’t be afraid to find something new

If you are one of the many job seekers still employed but looking for something different, don’t be afraid to take the plunge. This market can seem intimidating, but don’t let that keep you from finding something new. Take a chance on yourself, stick your neck out, and start looking. Yes, the market isn’t as strong as it was a year ago, but that doesn’t mean there are not great opportunities out there for you. You don’t know until you take that step forward towards a new career. This might mean venturing off into one of the booming industries we spoke of above, or it might mean making a complete shift in your career. Whatever you decide, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Let recruiters know your open to work

An easy way to land a new job in 2021 is to let recruiters know you are open to work. That can be as simple as letting recruiters on LinkedIn know that you are open to work. Or, if you are serious about finding a new opportunity, partner with a recruiting firm. Recruiters, like ones from JSG, are here to help you find a new role that matches your career goals and skill sets. We can help bridge the gap between your transferrable skills and the requirements of another position. Partner with us today and let JSG work alongside you to accomplish your career goals this year.

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