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5 Things To Do For Your Career This Fall

5 Things To Do For Your Career This Fall

Going into the fall and holiday season, many people feel like taking some time off until the new year. However, this downtime can actually be the perfect opportunity to make some serious advancements in your career. Don’t wait until the new year to make changes; here are five things you can do for your career this fall.

Take An Online Course

With all of the time we’ve spent at home lately, it’s the perfect opportunity to add some new skills to your professional portfolio. There are plenty of free and paid sites that will provide education on any skill you’re looking to add. From software development to diversity hiring, you can find an online course for it.

A few online resources: LinkedIn LearningCoursera, and Udemy.

Absorb Professional Development Content

Fall is a great time to cozy up and absorb some professional development content. So, no matter your favorite platform, find some professional development content that fits your future goals. Whether it’s a book, audiobook, podcast, YouTube video, or even a mastermind group on social media.

Some of our recent favorites: Atomic HabitsThe GaryVee Audio ExperienceWork It Daily,

Find A Mentor

A mentor is one of the best ways to build connections and open doors for your career. Examine your current network. Is there a manager, professor, or family friend that has a career you admire? They don’t necessarily have to work in your industry or your field of work. Simply find someone who you can turn to for advice and professional guidance.

LinkedIn is our favorite place to foster networking relationships.

Refresh Your Resume

Even if you’re not actively looking for a new position, fall is an excellent time to refresh your resume. Add any new skills you’ve acquired during the quarantine period, elaborate on recent positions, and make sure the format looks clean and organized.

We recommend starting with a template like these from Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Reset Your Goals

By reassessing your goals starting now, it sets you up for success in the future. Start thinking about your intentions and priorities. What will be most important to you through the fall leading into the new year? Is there anything you can accomplish before the end of the year? Maybe even start prepping for goals you can achieve next year.

We like this article about How To Set Ambitious Career Goals You Can Realistically Accomplish.

Final Comments

Keep in mind; fall is a perfect time to make significant strides in your career. For more ideas and inspiration for career advancement, explore our candidate resources.

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