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Jobs with the Most Demand in September

Jobs with the Most Demand in September

As the economy and job market continue to recover, jobless claims are finally declining. Last week (ending September 11th), new jobless claims fell by 33,000 to 860,000. Employers have replaced nearly half of the 22 million jobs lost this spring due to the pandemic. However, some industries are rebounding faster than others, resulting in robust demand for numerous positions. Here are the jobs with the most demand in September.

Industries with the most growth

Retail, accounting, and cloud computing are three of the industries with the largest month-over-month growth. According to LinkedIn, retail positions make up five of the top ten fastest-growing jobs, from August to September. The demand for retail associates (+790%), service associates (+190%), sales advisors (+150%), retail specialists (+140%), and sales specialists (+140%) are all in high demand right now. Many stores and brands are on a hiring spree right now to accommodate the new waves of customers generated by the pandemic.

The demand for tax associates is up 600%, as many organizations are preparing for a messy and confusing post-COVID tax season. And cloud engineers are up 220% as companies expand their work from home capabilities.

The most in-demand jobs in September

Below are the jobs that are currently in high demand:


jobs with the most demand in September

As you can see, salespersons and software engineers are the jobs with the highest demand. These positions were already in strong demand, and the pandemic hasn’t changed that one bit, especially since these professionals can more readily work remotely. Also, RNs, cashiers, and other essential workers are still in high demand, and probably will continue to top the charts throughout 2020. Tax associates made a massive jump in August (up 69 spots) as companies and individuals prepare their taxes in this tough economy.

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