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Interview Question: What Do You Like Least About Your Job?

Interview Question: What Do You Like Least About Your Job?

What They Want To Know

This interview question is tricky. While it is a negatively-oriented question, they aren’t necessarily trying to trap you. When a hiring manager asks this question, they are looking to analyze how you answer! They want to know that you won’t constantly avoid your least favorite tasks or pass them off to other members of the team.

No matter if you have the greatest job in the world, there will always be parts you don’t like. Thus, saying, “I love every part of my job,” is not an option! Candidates can approach this question in two different ways: focusing on the complaints or focusing on overcoming the parts you like least about your job. We definitely recommend you do the latter. Start your answer by honestly acknowledging something you dislike about your job. Then, pivot into how you deal with it. This will show the hiring manager how you handle small obstacles or less than ideal aspects of your role.

Example Answer For “What Do You Like Least About Your Job?”

“While I love so many parts of my job, my least favorite task is completing expense reports. As a Manager, however, it’s something that needs to be completed weekly. I’ve found the best way to tackle it is to build it into my schedule. Every Friday, I set a calendar reminder for 9 AM, and I power through my expense reports. That way, I can get them out of the way first thing in the morning and move on to the parts of my job that I love!”

Final Comments

This example is a well-structured answer. It acknowledges the parts you don’t like, explains how you handle it, and ends on a positive note. Additionally, it demonstrates your efficiency and organization because you build it into your schedule. It never hurts to incorporate more positives into your interview answers!

Need Help Answering More Common Interview Questions?

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