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Tiffany Record

Introducing Tiffany Record, JSG’s New Benefits Administrator

Please welcome us in introducing Tiffany Record, JSG’s new Benefits Administrator!  Keep reading to learn more about the newest member of our Human Resources team.

You have an impressive career in Human Resources! Tell us more about your professional journey so far.

My journey has been an adventurous one since the start of my career. I have worked in various roles in the HR industry and enjoyed every minute of it; however, the one position I loved the most is “Benefits Admin and/or Open Enrollment.” I have had excellent opportunities to work for prominent companies on both a full-time and contract basis. What I enjoyed most of my journey is the people I have met along the way. My lifelong goal is to do what I love; work for a company, servicing people with standards of excellence, and a motivation to be the best employer in their field.

What do you like most about working in HR?

What I like most about HR are employee relations and benefit relations aspects. I enjoy helping, so it comes naturally to me when there is a need to be met. I love being part of an (HR) team who is the heartbeat of the company, working together as a team to service our internal and external clients. 

What attracted you to Johnson Service Group?

The first thing is the company’s success and to have 35+ years in the industry is quite impressive. Also, the warm Katie Plzak, JSG’s Corporate Recruiter, made it all worthwhile, especially while interviewing during the COVID-19 crisis. Finally, after I met with Susan Sproule, HR Manager, and Sean Nash, VP of HR/General Counsel, I was sold on their warm, inviting personas. It was also pleasant to see that they weren’t just concerned about my resume and skills, but also cared about me as a person; it was refreshing to see their noteworthy interest in the company’s success from an HR perspective.

What will your primary responsibilities be as a member of our HR Team?

I will be responsible for employee relations regarding our benefit programs, handling the HR communication, and transactions related to benefits. I am also responsible for assisting our brokers and vendors with any benefit relations items, such as managing enrollments and advising employees.

What do you like to do for fun outside of work?  

I am ideally a homebody because I enjoy my “me” time. I also love to travel and visit my (4) grandchildren in Sacramento, CA (which has been limited right now). But overall, I enjoy gatherings with my family and friends. I like surfing on Eventbrite and attending different business network events and seminars. When I am not busy with my friends or family, I enjoy reading books and visiting bookstores. I also love working with young women and mentoring them through life’s journey.

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