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What’s One Thing You Think We Can Improve

Interview Question: What’s One Thing You Think We Can Improve?

What they want to know

“What’s one thing you think we can improve?” is a tricky interview question to navigate. You want to provide a thoughtful answer without insulting the company (or even one of the interviewers in the room with you). Sometimes, your interviewer will ask you to offer constructive feedback about a particular product or service. Others will make the question more vague, which gives you a bit of flexibility with your answer.

Regardless of your answer, you don’t want to head right into your criticism. Instead, start with something positive; it helps set the stage and make your judgment seem not so harsh. Then, introduce your constructive feedback and provide a background for your thoughts. In other words, you can’t just criticize something and call it good. You must offer an area of improvement, explain why you think it needs improvement, and provide a solution to overcome this situation. Try to offer some stats, facts, or pull something from your professional experience to add credibility to your answer.

This situation is where doing your homework on the company will come in handy. If you don’t do your due diligence on the company, you will struggle to come up with an excellent answer to this interview question.

Example answering what’s one thing you think we can improve?

“I really enjoy the content you share on your company’s Instagram account. The graphics are eye-catching, and your captions are engaging. However, have you thought about sharing more content about your team? You post tons of great information about your services, but sharing stories about your staff and other internal messaging is very on-trend right now. We periodically post internal stories or employee spotlights on my current employer’s social media, and they get great engagement. I think if you added that content to your social media tool belt, you would increase your engagement and gain new followers”

Final comments

This response works for this question because it starts positive and then offers a suggestion for improvement. It’s not overly critical, and the interviewer uses their personal, professional experience to justify their recommendation. Plus, they ask a question in their response about if they considered this suggestion before, which could open the door for a nice dialogue. Overall, this is an excellent response to the question, “what’s one thing you think we can improve or do better?”

Need help answering more common interview questions?

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