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How Your Company Can Attract Gen Z

The introduction of Gen Z to the job market changes the game. This generation is substantially different from Millennials. They have distinctive expectations, preferences, and goals when it comes to the workplace and their careers. Your company needs to understand what this generation wants to attract Gen Z job seekers to your company effectively. Here are four things you must know to add this generation to your workforce.

An Entrepreneurial Culture

Gen Z workers desire a more professional work environment, similar to what Boomers wanted when they entered the workforce. Gen Z wants a culture with a strong sense of community and an even stronger sense of job stability. Just about 50 percent of this generation wants to start their own business, so attracting them to your company will require the allowance of major autonomy and creativity in their role.

Dollar Signs

Gen Z craves money more than their Millennial counterpart. Studies have shown that dollar signs drive Gen Z workers. In fact, the top three things they want out of a job are excellent health insurance, a competitive salary, and a respectable boss. This generation craves working late nights, utilizing their entrepreneurial spirit to drive company-wide innovation, and trying out multiple roles within a company to find where they can have the most significant impact and make the most money.

A Strong Digital Presence 

Gen Zers are incredibly tech-savvy, and they expect your company to be as well! They have an in-depth understanding of technology and what it offers, meaning they are not easily impressed. It takes them just eight seconds to decide if a piece of online content is worth their connection, and yes, this includes job postings. So, ensure that your social media presence, advertisements, job board, and everything in between are spot on to capture this generation’s attention!

A Fast-Paced Environment

Gen Z doesn’t wait for anyone. They have little patience outside ‘the now;’ They rely on instant gratification in their careers. To keep up, make sure your hiring process is smooth and efficient because they will not wait around to hear from you. They live for a fast-paced environment, so it’s up to you to offer them that, from the initial hiring process and throughout their career.

Team Up with A Recruiter

Don’t miss out on the best Gen Z candidates in the market. Make sure that your hiring process is dialed-in, your company offers job security, and you are in touch with the current technology. Understanding what this generation wants will ensure that your company will be successful in the years to come. If you’re looking to attract Gen Z professionals to your team, you’re not alone. Get a leg up on your competition by partnering with a recruiter from Johnson Service Group! We will help you build the team you need to ensure generational success.

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