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The Future of the Job Interview

The Future of the Job Interview

Job interviews have certainly changed over the years. New technologies and better methods of transportation have made interviewing an essential part of the hiring process. However, the future of the job interview is changing faster than any of us expected due to COVID-19. Here are three ways job interviews will look different in the years down the road.

No more handshakes

For centuries, the handshake has been a symbol of peaceful intentions, good faith, and respect. However, some historians believe the handshake was popularized by the 17th century Quakers, who viewed a simple handshake as an “egalitarian alternative” to bowing or tipping a hat. And through the years, the handshake became a staple gesture when greeting or introducing oneself. But with more people mindful of their personal space because of the coronavirus, this go-to gesture may be dead in the water.

There are plenty of different ways to greet someone or introduce yourself without shaking hands. It may feel weird as we are all programmed to extend our right hand out as a gesture of respect, but the new norm may become introducing ourselves without making contact. There are plenty of other non-verbal ways to communicate. Making strong eye contact, nodding, and smiling are all respectful ways to communicate with one another without physically engaging.

More video interviews

Another new norm may be forgoing in-person interviews for a video interview format. Now that many of us are working remotely, employers are investing in technologies to improve out of office communication. Technologies like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have made this transition a breeze. Now, it’s never been easier to host a video interview with a candidate. You can even have multiple interviewers on the same video call while all being in different locations. This will ultimately make it easier for both employers and job seekers to arrange interviews around busy schedules.

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Quick interview-to-offer timetable

As a result of a more flexible job interview, the hiring process will tremendously improve for employers. It can be challenging to make a final hiring decision when you have to schedule in-person interviews with each candidate. But if hiring managers and HR can conduct virtual interviews, decisions can be made much quicker. Therefore, hiring decisions will rapidly decrease in time. In other words, the days of waiting weeks or even months to hear back from an interview may be over. If companies can make faster hiring decisions, you, as a candidate, will no longer be anxiously waiting for a callback. And the quicker employers can make a hiring decision and onboard a new employee; the less money is wasted due to the cost of a vacancy. It’s a win-win for companies and job seekers!

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