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3 Steps To Secure The Future Of Work

3 Steps You Can Take To Secure The Future Of Work

With the advancement of technology, the future of work is changing. But is the workforce evolving with it? A recent study presented at the World Economic Forum suggests that it is not. A survey of 15-year-olds from 41 different countries indicates that they have a narrow view of potential careers to grow into. In fact, the report revealed that 39% of jobs that today’s teenagers dream of run the risk of being replaced by machines within the next 10 to 15 years. These jobs include doctors, lawyers, managers, and teachers. So, how can we combat this and save the future of work? If you are a tech-forward company or industry, here are three steps you can take today to ensure that you have a healthy staff in 15 years.

1. Host Job Shadowing Events For Local High Schools

One of the main reasons that teenagers aren’t thinking past traditional job roles is that they don’t know what else is out there! Help uncover the many options available to them by hosting job shadow events at your office. Invite kids to come, hear about the work you do, the types of jobs available, and let them see you in action. As a bonus, if you make a great impression, your company may be added to shortlists of where teens would like to work!

2. Offer Paid Internships To College Students

During their time in college, many students are on the hunt for paid internships. Offer them throughout your various departments, and most importantly, don’t require any experience! Allow students to train on the job, and learn about how to do different roles at your company. As the talent pool for young workers heats up, compensation gets more and more competitive. Be sure to offer compensation that shows your investment in the future of work.

3. Educate Through Social Media

It’s no secret that the younger generations love social media. It’s how they connect with friends, keep up to date on news, and even self-educate. Use your company’s social channels as a platform for educating teenagers about your company and the variety of roles you offer. Post behind the scenes shots of your team and do a deep dive into the technology of what you do.

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