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How To Avoid False-Negative Hiring Decisions

How To Avoid False-Negative Hiring Decisions

Hiring is a tough game in today’s market. There are all sorts of obstacles that could prevent you from hiring your next great employee. False-negative hiring is one of those hurdles that can cause you to miss out on incredible talent. When a candidate who would have been a great employee underperforms in an interview, leading you to decline their application, that is false-negative hiring. And because you don’t exactly know what you’re missing out on, it can be challenging to avoid! You can, however, try these 3 tactics to avoid a false negative hiring situation and land your next successful team member.

Help your candidates prepare for the interview

One of the main things you can do to level out the hiring field is to prep your candidates for their interviews. Those who are less polished at interviewing or who get nervous when put on the spot will appreciate having information ahead of time. Have your HR team send an email to candidates with all of the interview details; who they’ll be meeting with, parking details, relevant websites and social media, and even interview questions they can expect.

Don’t throw in oddball questions

While it may be trendy to ask questions like “how many rubber duckies fit in an airplane?” it’s not helping you hire lasting team members. Keep your interview questions straightforward. Every question should have a purpose behind it and add value to both the interviewer and the interviewee.

Be transparent about the hiring process

When your candidates understand the steps and timeline of a hiring process, they can be better prepared. Transparency will also establish loyalty to your company and excitement about the position. When candidates are left in the dark, wondering about the next steps or if they’re still in the running, they may pursue other options or simply feel distanced from the opportunity.

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