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How to Pull Off Your Next Phone Interview

If you’re hunting for a new job, chances are you’re going to have an upcoming phone interview. Many job seekers tend to brush off the phone interview and think it’s just a simple screening process. That may be partially true, but a phone interview is nothing to take lightly. It’s often your first impression with a hiring manager (aka your potential boss), and you must prepare accordingly. Here are four simple tips to help you successfully pull off your next phone interview.

Have your resume and job description in front of you

Even after doing some thorough research, you want to ensure you have a copy of your resume and the job description in front of you. You obviously know what’s on your resume, but it’s always a good idea to have it next to you so you can answer any questions the interviewer may have. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, things can slip your mind, so be sure to have it by your side! Also, having the job description in front of you will help guide you through any interview questions to ensure you communicate that you are capable of the key functions of the position.

Be next to your computer or tablet

Additionally, it’s a great idea to be near your computer or laptop. Have a couple of internet tabs open before the phone interview: the company’s website, their “about” page, their social media pages, and any blogs or news releases. You want to have as much information as possible to help you answer (as well as ask) questions intelligently.

A typical phone interview question is, “What do you know about our company?” Having these resources at your hand will help you navigate this question successfully!

Communicate professionally and clearly

This goes for every type of interview, but you always want to ensure you are communicating professionally and clearly on the phone. Now, some of these may be common sense, but it’s still good to remind yourself of these before the interview nerves start kicking in:

  • Don’t chew gum or have anything else in your mouth
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Never interrupt your interviewer
  • And speak professionally (no slang)

And don’t forget to smile! It may sound weird, but you can typically tell if an interview is bored or disinterested during a phone interview. So, put on your best smile and let the interviewer hear some of your personality and excitement!

Don’t forget the thank you!             

A lot of candidates brush off a thank you note for a phone interview. However, sending a nice thank you note can really make a difference when employers are discussing each of the candidates. Send a nice thank you note shortly after your phone conversation. Thank them for their time and highlight a few of the things you enjoyed discussing. And if you like what you hear, don’t be afraid to let them know that in your thank you!

Need some help crafting your thank you note? Here are some helpful tips that might help!

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