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LinkedIn Reactions

LinkedIn Reactions Best Practices

LinkedIn Reactions


Many of you have probably seen LinkedIn’s new reactions. Like Facebook, a LinkedIn reaction is a new way to “like” a post, video, or image on LinkedIn. Instead of just liking a post, you can now engage on LinkedIn in five different ways:

  • Like
    • The default and traditional option to like a post.
  • Celebrate
    • Congratulate a co-worker, colleague, or a professional milestone, such as getting a new job or welcoming a new team member.
  • Love
    • Expresses that the post is heartwarming, resonates with you, or makes you feel an overall sense of appreciation or happiness. Good examples of this are thanking a past mentor or saying goodbye to a co-working leaving the company.
  • Insightful
    • Expressing that a post was insightful, made your think, offered a new idea, or shared a great point.
  • Curious
    • Expresses that you’re intrigued by a thought-provoking question or idea; expresses that you’re curious and want to learn more.

Now, these new reactions might seem fun or cute, but we must remember, LinkedIn is a professional networking tool. Many of us use LinkedIn to source new candidates and find new clients to engage with. Since every single one of us is representing Johnson Service Group, it’s essential that we use these new features appropriately.

Here are some best practices for using LinkedIn’s new reactions:

  • LinkedIn isn’t Facebook. We must keep our profiles and engagements professional.
  • Refrain from using unnecessary or excessive “love” reactions. Using this reaction can generate the wrong impression.
  • When in doubt, just use the traditional “like” button

Here’s how to use LinkedIn’s new reactions:

When on a desktop computer, simply hover your cursor over the “like” button and the five different reactions will pop up for you to select.

On a mobile device, press and hold the “like” button on a post to select the reaction you would like to use.

To learn more about these reactions, please reach out to the Marketing Team or check out LinkedIn’s Help Center for more details.

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