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April 2019 JOLTS Report

April 2019 JOLTS Report: 7.1 Million Job Openings

April 2019 JOLTS Report

In February of 2019, we saw 7.1 million job openings, with little change in both hires and separations throughout the month. Here is a brief summary of the latest JOLTS Report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Job openings: 7.1 million
  • People hired: 5.7 million
  • Total number of people who left their jobs: 5.6 million
    • People who voluntarily quit their jobs: 3.5 million
    • People who involuntarily left their jobs: 1.7 million
    • People who left their jobs for retirement or other reasons: 334,000

The labor market is still roaring

The March 2019 Jobs Report was just released and over the last three months, job gains have averaged 180,000. As of March, there are only 6.2 million Americans presently unemployed and 7.1 job openings. The labor market is still looking strong as we enter the Second Quarter.

Regardless of all the “disappointing” or “negative” reports that are out there, there are still more jobs than available workers to fill them. In fact, there is still less than one available candidate per open job in the country. Millions of Americans are still voluntarily leaving their jobs for new opportunities. 3.5 million Americans voluntarily left their jobs, which illustrates how strong the market is. And many were concerned with February’s Job Report, which showed only 20,000 job gains. However, with revisions, an additional 11,000 jobs were created in the month of February.

Get the help your team needs

The labor market is competitive and the First Quarter of 2019 was impressive. If you’re struggling to find and retain great talent in this market, you are not alone. But that doesn’t mean that you have to try and tackle this issue all by yourself! If you’re sick of striking out during the hiring process, it may be time to team up with a professional in your industry. Partner with a recruiter to help fill your most critical roles. Reach out to a JSG recruiter today!

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