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James Roberts

JSG Employee Spotlight: James Roberts


James Roberts

James Roberts is the Recruiting Manager for our Atlanta, GA office. He’s been with JSG for 13 years and has nearly 20 years of experience in the Staffing Industry. We had the opportunity to sit down with him and ask him about his impressive career. Here is what he had to say.

Tell us a little bit about your career in the Staffing Industry and your 13 years with JSG.

I started working in the Staffing industry in 1997 where I was working for Tek Systems. When I first started, I was working as an IT Recruiter. I was at Tek Systems for nearly seven years and then moved to a smaller firm called Recruiters at Work. There, I was doing both sales and recruiting and I stayed there until 2006. I then made the move from Connecticut to Atlanta and started working for Johnson Service Group.

When I first started at JSG, I went back to recruiting for IT roles. However, after a few months, I transitioned to Aviation recruiting. I then relocated to our Charleston office where I held the position of Branch Operations Manager. I worked in Charleston for about four years and then relocated back to Atlanta where I returned to a recruiting role as well as account management. Two years later, I was promoted to Recruiting Manager where I oversee an awesome team of recruiters.

What changes have you seen in the Staffing Industry throughout your career? What changes do you expect in the near future?

Throughout my career, I have seen the market go up and down. When I first started in the industry, the unemployment rate was low. Several years later, the unemployment rate increased, and it became easier to find good candidates to fill our client’s roles. But now that the market is competitive and we are witnessing an unemployment rate of 3.8 percent, it’s becoming more difficult to find great candidates; the best workers out there are the ones still employed.

Technology has also drastically changed how we communicate with our clients and candidates. With so many different ways to communicate with people, like texting and emailing, it’s become more challenging to build strong relationships. We seem to be getting away from the phones and I see this issue only getting worse in the future. With social media, job boards, and other technologies, it eliminates the personal touch and makes it harder to build relationships.

Tell us about your team in Atlanta. What are your team’s goals for the rest of the year?

I have a great team of recruiters. Most of our team is in Atlanta, but we have two recruiters in Oklahoma City and another in Jacksonville, FL. The goal for our team is to be the top Aviation provider for all of our customers and demonstrate excellent customer service throughout the entire hiring process.

When you’re not busy at work, what do you like to do in your free time?

I am a huge sports fanatic. I love both football and basketball. On the weekends, I enjoy officiating basketball. I also do some one-on-one basketball training with some local youth in Atlanta.

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