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career change

Thinking of a Career Change? Start by Asking Yourself Why

career change

It’s that time of year again. Companies all over the world are actively looking to fill new and exciting roles in their organizations in 2019. There’s just one problem. You already have a job, but you find yourself browsing the various job boards from time to time. Do you actually want a new career, or is this just another case of the grass is always greener? Before making the plunge that is finding and beginning a new job, it’s essential to pinpoint exactly what part of our careers we’re trying to improve.

Find the real reason for your career change

When making a career change, the expected outcome is an improvement from our previous situation. Gather all the factors that come into play when switching careers, and identify which ones are most important or relevant to your situation. Do you want to be happier or improve your quality of life? Most would answer, yes. However, for you, is happiness a more substantial salary, a shorter commute, improved benefits, or something else? Maybe you desire better upward mobility than your current employer provides. Whatever your reasoning, identifying your most important factors is where to begin.

Will a career change make a difference?

Next, with our criteria in place, ask yourself whether a new job fulfills this. Asking yourself questions throughout the entire process will ensure you improve your current situation. Are you looking for a better job or trying to escape a horrible one? If your answer is the latter, make sure you’re not selling yourself short by taking the first opportunity you come across out of desperation. By identifying the critical parts of a job that matter to you, you can find a career that fits your preferences and lowers your risk of ending up in a role just like the one you left.

Once you know what you want out of a career, go out and get it! However, it is nearly impossible to be happy in your work life if you don’t first ask yourself what fuels that satisfaction. As you grow and progress in a career, your expectations and wants evolve as well. Questioning change is a natural response to this process and helps you discover what you really want out of our careers.

If you are ready to take the plunge, check out our jobs board. We have hundreds of positions. Let JSG help you find that career change you’ve been pondering for some time.

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