How to Stay Productive at Work During the Holidays


The holidays are just around the corner and there are only a few short weeks until 2019. Can you believe that? During this time of year, it can be challenging to balance your family and holiday obligations with your everyday work tasks. As a result, many of you are probably feeling more stressed than joyful.

The holidays can be distracting; I’m sure most of you are counting down the days until that much-needed vacation time and all of those holiday goodies. However, those end-of-the-year projects and finalizing those budgets won’t get finished by themselves. Here’s how to stay productive during the holidays and finish the year strong.

Make a list (and check it twice!)

The best way to make the most of your time is to make a to-do list. Start with the most important tasks that need to be accomplished and give them timelines. By assigning due dates on all of your tasks, it will help you stay on top of things and complete tasks on time.

This is true for both work and all of your holiday-related tasks, such as grocery shopping, cleaning, or cleaning that messy house before all of your guests come over. By making lists, you will be able to ensure everything gets accomplished when needed, giving you more time to spend on other things.

Burn off some of that stress

Let’s be honest, this time of the year is often stressful. To alleviate some of that stress, do something to burn off some of that tension. Go to the gym, take a walk with your four-legged friend, or anything that helps you burn off stress.

By doing something that helps get your mind off all the holiday chaos, you’ll have a few moments to de-stress, refocus, and remain productive throughout the end of the year.

Take breaks throughout the day

It’s important to take breaks during your busy day. Even if it’s just stepping away from your desk for a few minutes, it will help you stay motivated. Try taking a five-minute break every hour or so to stretch your legs and take a step back from the line of chaps.

I know you’re busy and you may not feel like you have time for a break but taking a few minutes to regain your focus will help you stay motivated throughout the day. Go for a brief walk around the office to get some blood flowing and release some tension. Trust me, these little breaks will help.

And put that lunch break to good use. If you can, go run one of your many holiday errands at lunch. The more you can get done during the day, the more you can accomplish once you get home from the day!

Have some fun

This is important. After all, this is what the holidays are all about, right? Go and enjoy some holiday fun! This time of year can be stressful, but if you stay proactive, plan accordingly, and take a deep breath, you will be able to stay productive through the end of the year and have a little fun, too.