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Vacation Time

HR Highlights: Vacation Accrual and Contractor Open Enrollment

Vacation Time

How Do I Access My Vacation and Sick Time!?

Currently, HR manually tracks all sick and vacation time for staff employees. If you need to know your sick and vacation availability, please send an email to HR Corp or anyone in the HR department.

Vacation and sick time are accrued evenly throughout the employee’s anniversary year. Each employee earns a total of 10 vacation days and 5 sick days each year. In other words, one day of vacation is accrued every 5.2 weeks and one day of sick time is earned every 10.4 weeks (except for California employees). Unused vacation time rolls over from anniversary year to anniversary year; any sick time not used will be lost.

It is highly recommended that you keep up with your sick and vacation availability and you check it before planning any vacations. The HR department calculates sick and vacation time on a monthly basis to maintain consistency.

2019 Contractor Open Enrollment

Contractor Open Enrollment is currently taking place: November 5 – 23, 2018. During this period, contract employees can add/drop/make changes to their Century Healthcare (CHC) coverages. To do so, they simply need to call CHC directly at 888-232-9431 during the Open Enrollment period. (Note: Paper enrollment forms will not be accepted). Updated CHC plan and pricing information for 2019 can be found in the Employee Benefits section of the Employee Toolbox on the JSG website.

If contractors have any questions related to Open Enrollment, please direct them to benefits@jsginc.com for assistance.

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