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These 7 Behaviors Will Ruin Your Job Interview

Job InterviewWe all know a job interview is a make or break moment when it comes to getting a job offer or not. So, being prepared and ensuring you avoid behaviors that could hurt your chances if necessary! Even though you may be nervous about your job interview… If you remember to avoid doing any of these things, you should be a shoe-in for getting the job!

Arriving late

This should be a no-brainer. Arriving late shows that you don’t care about the position, let alone the time of those who are interviewing you. And this, no doubt, will leave a bad taste in their mouths. Of course, things can happen, but if you’re going to be late, make sure to contact them. This will give you a saving grace and hopefully help them give you a second chance.

But if you’re not planning on being late, arriving around 10 – 15 minutes early is perfect. This shows you are eager and interested in the position and that you’re prepared. Which is a great way to start off an interview!

Not doing your homework

You should always do research of the job, employees, and company before you go in for a job interview. They will ask you questions, and if you’re interested in the position, you will know the answers. It’s not only for them though. This is the time for you to really see if you’d be interested in working for this company and see if you’re really wanting to do the job.

Take the time to check out their ratings and other employee’s opinions. Doing your research not only prepares you for the interview but it helps give you an idea on if this job is really a fit for you.

Dressing inappropriate

This is important. A lot of people are worried about what to wear to a job interview, and this is a good thing! But the rule of thumb is to always dress business appropriate. Don’t get carried away on the makeup, perfume, or aftershave. The theme here is to stay as conservative and professional as possible. The more professional you dress, the better you will come across in an interview.

Avoiding eye contact

Make eye contact! If you avoid eye contact, you look like you’re hiding something and not a genuine person. Of course, they know you’re nervous, but if you can’t even have a conversation and look at them, they will question how you will fit into their culture and company.

Inappropriate Language

If you want to be seen as a professional, don’t use or talk about inappropriate things during an interview. Bad language and inappropriate conversations will dig you into a huge hole that you won’t be able to work your way out of.

Being Overly Confident

Being stuck up and overly confident doesn’t make you look good. To be honest, it makes you look like a terrible culture fit, and that you’d be a liability when getting along and working with other employees.

Not Asking Questions

And the last one on our list is asking questions. If you don’t ask questions, it makes you look like you don’t care about the position enough to see if you’d really be a good fit. Having a set of questions prepared before going into an interview will only help you. This way you don’t forget what you want to ask about and you look interested in the position. The last thing you want the interviewers to think is that you just wanted to waste their time and weren’t very interested in the position. When you most likely are!

If you’re excited and want the job you’re applying for, you shouldn’t have to worry about making these mistakes! But, it’s always nice to know what to avoid. Especially, when you’re going in to interview for the job of your dreams!

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