5 Tips on How to Prepare For a Panel Interview

panel interview

Interviewing isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea, for me though, it’s the best part of the job hunt. But, there are tons of different interview styles. And the panel interview, in my opinion, is the one most people are least prepared for.

A panel interview can be extremely nerve-wracking. Especially when you have 3 – 12 people from different departments deciding if they could work with you. Most of them are more focused on what you bring to the table and what working with you will be like.

Will you be easy going, or someone that causes problems? Will you have good ideas that help move, not only your department forward but others as well?

A panel interview is a totally different style and it’s important you’re prepared, or the nerves will take over. So here are a few steps that’ll help you be ready to impress everyone on the panel.

Do your research about the people on the panel

LinkedIn will be your best friend! Using it to see their titles and what content they interact with will help you know a little bit more about them. You may even find that you went to the same college or are from the same town. These little details may not seem like a big deal… But familiarizing yourself with their names and who they are, will help you feel more comfortable in the interview. It will also help you interact with them and their questions on a more personal basis.

Interact with each person

They may not all ask you a question. But it is pertinent you include them with body language and eye contact. This way they feel like you’re still including them. And it helps them know that if you get the job, you’d be easy and comfortable to work with.

Body language and eye contact speak volumes. And it can show that you’re a person who wants to be involved and is ready to take on a new role. But it also can go the opposite way showing that you’re a person who will need a lot of coaxing and training. The good thing is, body language and eye contact can be practiced!

Memorize the Job Description

Memorizing the job description is a must! This will help you prepare for questions and give you time to really tailor your answers to the keywords and responsibilities that the position is looking for. The more you demonstrate that you’re the perfect candidate, the more likely you’re going to get the job!

Come up with questions to ask

In a panel interview, it’s very important to have questions ready to ask as well as jot some down during the interview. With there being so many people it’s important you take the opportunity to really ask questions you’re wanting to know. It gives you a chance to ask questions you may not have been able to if you were in a different interview.

Having questions prepared only shows the interviewers that you’re very interested in the position and that you came prepared to learn more about the job you’re wanting.

What to Bring to the interview

In a panel interview, you’re most likely going to be asked more questions and be there longer. So, bringing a pad to write down notes is essential. But you also want to remember to bring extra resumes too! The more prepared you are to help your interviewers get to know you, the better off you’ll be when it comes to getting that offer letter.

If you follow these steps you’ll be able to rock the interview with the confidence and knowledge you need to land the job you’ve been working so hard to get!