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online dating

How Recruiting is Like Online Dating

online dating

I met my husband online 10 years ago and as a Sr. Technical Recruiter, I approached the world of online dating with my skills as a successful recruiter! Like me, many of us have been through the excitements of online dating. Whether you are single, married, or in a long-term relationship, you never stop courting in the recruiting world.

Just like online dating, you post your new polished resume on the job boards, your LinkedIn profile is updated, and you click that button that says you are open to a new opportunity and then boom! You’re inundated with recruiters sending you emails and InMail’s! What to do next? How do you weed them out? Just like online dating sites that are built around this same concept, these same types of profiles gives those looking for a “partner” the opportunity to get a sneak peek into you as a prospective candidate. And this is how online dating and recruiting are alike.

Before that first call/email reply:

Your excitement at the recruiter’s response can easily become overwhelming. Like with online dating, you need to research them and ensure they are sincere in their interest in you!

  • Check out their LinkedIn Profile
  • Go to their website
  • Look at the company’s social media
  • Google

Do they have relevant jobs matched to your skills? Is their website informative? Do they have recent content or reviews that resonates with your standards? If so, then it’s time for that first email or call!

You wait anxiously for a reply; like dating, you hope they call soon! The call comes and suddenly you are on the first date! This is a time for discovery, finding out whether you want to move forward toward a business relationship. In recruiting, the first date is the interview. The interview gives you both an opportunity to see if there is a match.

Before you talk about the job, introduce yourself, share why you wanted to meet. Like having your first conversation with a potential date, you need to listen and engage. Spend at least 15 minutes on the phone sharing your successes or schedule a face-to-face coffee and be honest about what you are seeking in the job market/potential job being shared.

Signs of a good first interview/ date are:

  • Good eye contact-in person/video
  • Ease of conversation
  • Knowledge of the company
  • Knowledge of the position
  • Appropriate dress and demeanor
  • Honest answers

Some things that turn Recruiters off:

  • Coming off as arrogant
  • Complaining about past relationships (past jobs, in this case)
  • Extended uncomfortable silences
  • Extended gaps in resumes – without explanation

If you determine that the job is not going to be a fit, there is no need to ask for a second date. It’s important to let the recruiter know that you are not interested so you can let them move on to the next candidate. Offer to set them up with a colleague who you know is a right fit! If it doesn’t feel right at this time, maybe it will in the future! Stay in touch!

If it went well and you want to see the other person again, then it’s time to follow the next steps in the recruiting process. After the first date, it’s time for you to assess everything that has occurred up to this point. In recruiting, after the initial interviews, recruiters will present you to their clients for consideration. Depending on the clients’ feedback, recruiters should contact you as to whether or not the hiring manager would like to continue with the hiring process.

Then you have that MATCH! You undergo background, credit, and drug check procedures. Upon successful completion of these checks, its official – you can announce it to the world! Update your LinkedIn profile, tell colleagues, friends, and family, and put in that long-awaited two weeks’ notice.

So, there you have it. Online dating and recruiting are similar. As you already know, my first date went extremely well, and I hope to have a first date with you soon!

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