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Job Interview Question: Why Are You Looking For A New Job?

job interview

If you’re currently employed when on the lookout for a new job, know that this question will come up. This interview question is designed to see what kind of person you are and what your intentions are. Are you looking for just money or are you wanting to grow in your career and you just can’t do that at your current company?

There are tons of reasons you could be wanting to leave your current position, but you must approach it the right way in a job interview. This way you put your best foot forward and hopefully land the new position.

Keep it positive

When this question is asked, make sure you remember to always make your answer positive! Even if the reason you’re leaving may not be for the most positive reasons. Regardless of the reason, just don’t walk into the interview and start bad-mouthing your current employer. That is distasteful and won’t make a good first impression on the hiring manager.

Talk about what you’re looking for, not what you don’t have. If you’re looking for a new position because you want something different, explain that. Demonstrate to the interviewers that you want to grow into a management role. Or maybe it’s because you want a better work-life balance. Whatever it is, make sure that you state it proudly and honestly, so they know exactly what you’re looking for.

Be honest

Answering this question honestly is essential to making a good impression. Obviously, spinning it in a positive light is important but if you totally lie about what you’re looking for or why you’re leaving, it will negatively impact your job interview.

If you need more money to support your family, that’s okay to say! They just want this to be a question where they get to know who you are and what you’re looking for. By being honest with them, they can ensure that you’re a good fit for the role and the organization.

Make it about new opportunities

You’re wanting to leave for a new opportunity. By demonstrating that you are looking for new opportunities to grow into your career, you will leave a great first impression from the very beginning of the job interview.  New opportunities help everyone grow and gain great experience in their careers. If your current position or organization just won’t allow you to grow as a professional, that is perfectly acceptable to state in your answer! Employers want a candidate who is willing to come into the organization and start making strides. With this tight job market, employee retention has become essential in the recruitment process.

Don’t let the nerves of this question affect your answer. With these pointers, you will rock it and leave them ready to hand you an offer letter.

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