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turned down

Here’s Why You Keep Getting Turned Down For Jobs

turned down

If you’re feeling discouraged by multiple turn downs during your job search, trust us, you’re not alone! It’s a candidate-driven market, so competition is hot out there for the best jobs. Instead of getting down on yourself, try and make small improvements that will leave a lasting impression the next time you submit an application.

Your Resume Doesn’t Seem Relevant

The key word here seems. You may be a perfect fit for this position, but if you aren’t customizing your resume to each and every single job you apply for, you may be missing out on amazing opportunities! Take a few minutes to dissect the job description and adjust words on your resume to match exactly. This can be as simple as varying job titles for the same role, broad responsibilities being narrowed down further, or even some aspects of your job that you forgot to include!

You Didn’t Nail Essential Interview Questions

Some interview questions are more important than others. The ones you really want to answer well are “why should we hire you?”,What do you know about the company?”, and “What’s your greatest weakness?” Not only are these questions essential to interview success, they can be tricky! Follow the links above to learn how you should answer each one.

You Aren’t A Culture Fit

Culture fit is HUGE in the hiring world these days. Employers are taking on the mindset that most skills can be taught, but culture fit cannot. They are looking for employees who can not only fit in with their team, but continually motivate and inspire others in the office. The best way to demonstrate your culture fit is by allowing your personality to shine through during an interview. Make sure you’re warm and personable and don’t be afraid to share appropriate personal details about yourself.

You Missed A Little Thing

When you are laser-focused on getting a new job, it can be easy to forget the little things. Many candidates have been eliminated from consideration simply for not sending a prompt thank-you note after the interview! Don’t sleep on the small moments such as greeting the receptionist, introducing yourself with a strong handshake, and maintaining confident eye contact throughout the interview.

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