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interview questions

Q is for Questions: The Best Questions to Ask During an Interview

interview questions

Every job interview is a two-way street. You are accessing the potential employer just as much as they are assessing you as a candidate. After all, you both need to be convinced that you are a good fit.

The interview is ending and the hiring manager finally asks, “Do you have any more questions about the job or company?” This is your opportunity to make a lasting impression. Here are six interview questions to ask to really wow your prospective employer.

What are some of the challenges you expect in this position to face?

This is a great question to ask during an interview because it will give you a sense of the challenges you will likely face. It also grants you the opportunity to address these challenges and illustrate how you can (and will) overcome them. By addressing these challenges, it demonstrates that you are capable of tackling the most difficult aspects of this role, and thus, shows you’re a great fit!

What is your timeline for the next steps in the interview process?

Asking about the timeline of the interview process gives you a peace of mind. It also shows that you are serious about the role and looking towards the future. By understanding what the next steps are, you have a better idea of when you can follow up again. If the hiring manager says you can expect to hear from them by the end of the week (and you don’t hear from them by the), you can safely follow up with them on Monday.

What is the company culture like?

Asking this question will give you a high-level view of the employer’s philosophy as a company. Analyzing culture fit is becoming more and more important for both employers and candidates. You may be the most qualified candidate in the mix, but if you are not a great culture fit, then you will likely not be as successful within the organization.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

I really enjoy asking this question; it’s one of my go-to’s. This interview question is great because it gives you an idea of what other employees enjoy about the company. If they can easily talk about all of the great things the employer has to offer, then it is probably a great company to work for. But if the answers to this question from the interviewers seem ingenuine, then that may be a red flag to look into other opportunities.

Who will be my mentor in this position?

This is a question that doesn’t get asked often, but it is greatly impactful. By asking who your mentor will be, you are illustrating to the interviewers that you are coachable and willing to learn from others with strong backgrounds within the company. Showing that you are willing to learn makes the hiring manager’s decision that much easier.

Can you tell me about the dynamic of the team that I will be working with?

It’s important to understand the team dynamic before you accept the job offer. After all, these are the people you’ll be spending the majority of your day with. If you are not a great fit with the team, there may be other issues once you’re part of the team. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can meet some of the team members. Most hiring managers will have no problem introducing you to the team after your interview (if they are not already in the room with you).

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