What Are Candidates Looking For In A Great Company?

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We spend a lot of time talking about how candidates can impress employers: “How You Answer This One Question Could Make Or Break Your Interview,” “The Best Soft Skills To Include On Your Resume,” and “10 Things You Should Never Say In An Interview.” But it is just as important that we talk about what candidates are looking for in a great company, especially in this candidate-driven market.

  1. Stability

Everyone wants their life and job to feel stable, especially if it involves a major change in life such as relocation or an industry jump. Candidates will look at the history of the organization: Are they financially stable? Do they have a high turnover rate? With the accessibility of information courtesy of sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn, employees have more access to company history than ever before. Make sure your story is a great one!

  1. Security

With everything going on in the world, employees want to know that they are safe. Make sure your company is an environment that makes employees feel joy instead of fear. Transform your office into an inviting setting where candidates and employees feel comfortable. Foster an environment that becomes an extension of their home.

  1. Opportunities For Growth

In a candidate-driven market, candidates are overwhelmed with wonderful opportunities. So what’s the one thing that will keep them at your organization and not have one foot out the door? Opportunities for growth. Starting as early as the interview, speak often about the trajectory of each position and the possibility for advancement.

  1. Vision

Employees want to work for companies that have a clear future. They want to know your five-year plan and where their position fits into that puzzle. Candidates see the vision of a company as their driving force to keep moving and accomplish goals together.

  1. Culture

Culture has become such a big factor for happiness at work. Culture isn’t just going out as a team to a baseball game or having dinner after a hard day at work. It is about what the organization stands for, what employees want and care about in life, and how they view the world. Do you make it clear to potential and current employees what your company culture is?

  1. Benefits

Of course basic benefits have always been important: health care, dental, vision, 401K etc., but candidates are looking for even more these days. With how busy everyone is juggling home and work life, flexibility has become a priority for many candidates. Companies that offer flex or work-from-home opportunities are rising quickly to the top of everyone’s “dream job wish list.”

  1. Innovation

Everyone wants to know how their company is better than everyone else. What does your company do to challenge the norm and think outside of the box? Be open and transparent with your current and potential employees about the awesome things that your company is doing!

Keep in mind that your employees are giving so much time and energy to your company and goals. You need to support them as much as they support you. This doesn’t always mean unlimited vacation or huge concerts… but if they’re having a rough day or just need a little push towards a new skill, it can be monumental if they have their leaders and company to fall back on.