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JSG is Giving Thanks

JSG is Giving Thanks


As we get closer to Thanksgiving, tis the season to give thanks. At JSG, we work with people throughout North America both in our offices and on the inside with our clients. We are so thankful for the opportunity to work with such a talented and diverse group of hard working professionals. We asked our staff to share their thankful thoughts and they graciously shared with us.


Dana Belstler, Spokane, Washington

I am thankful to be part of such a great organization, that is Johnson Search Group.  The leadership and team atmosphere make everyday a great one! –Dana Belstler, Spokane, Washington


“I am thankful for the JSG San Jose Admin team helping with my client account, working long hours and making sure every single employee gets paid every week.” – Liza Ramos, San Jose, California


Jason Kennedy

I am thankful that I’m about to celebrate my 2nd anniversary with the JSG Florida Region here in Jacksonville.  Joining JSG was one of my best professional decisions and I’m proud to contribute to the Florida Region’s continued growth and success. –Jason Kennedy, Jacksonville, Florida


Steven Mutz

I am thankful for having the opportunity to join the Johnson Service Group team, and for the health and well-being of my friends, family, and myself. – Steven Mutz, Westmont, Illinois


“I wanted to share that I am grateful and thankful for having Jim Beckley as such a great boss.  He has truly been a wonderful leader for our team and sets an outstanding example for us as to how a leader should be. I’m also grateful for my team here on the West Coast for being so welcoming when I came on board and truly committed to the success at Johnson Service Group.” – Deborah Wagner, Calabasas, California


Mike Muglia

I am grateful for all the gifts God sends me daily. This year besides my closeness with Him and my family blessings, the opportunity I have been given with Johnson Search Group has changed my life.  This career has expanded my horizons on so many levels; Perry Paden is a great mentor, our team leadership throughout the year, Tracy Isakson, Tracey Smith, Dana Belstler and Jim Paterson has continuously promoted our culture of empowerment. My team has a strength built on passion for people, fueled by the invaluable efforts of Shahna Jacks, Patrice Sutton and Melissa Culbert behind the scenes.  This has led to amazing relationships with my clients and candidates that I wish could be named because 2016 has been an unprecedented year of building friendships. I have always been of the mind that there are 2 bank accounts money and people and the latter always get the biggest deposits, because caring about your people and doing right by them always takes care of the bank account. Thank you everyone for everything! – Mike Muglia, Spokane, Washington


Martin Carr

I am thankful for an opportunity to work with a company that is collaborative, a nice office with a view and to be part of a company that values what their team members bring to the table. – Martin Carr, Atlanta, Georgia


“I am thankful to the JSG work environment where I can contribute towards the business goals in achieving the results. JSG has great people and I am thankful for the great relationships that I have built with everyone here in JSG.” – Khushali Mistry, Blue Bell



I am thankful for another successful year, and to work in an environment where you are empowered and motivated to be successful. “Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.” John Wooden – Greg Howard, Knoxville, Tennessee


“I am thankful for JSG Spokane, my Supervisors, and Coworkers who have taught me so much this past year.” – Patrick Salerno, Spokane, Washington


Linda McCarron

I am thankful for working with great co-workers and for great candidates.  I am also thankful for being able to put people to work for JSG.  Special thanks to our Birmingham staff and our Tennessee staff.  “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” William Arthur Ward – Linda McCarron, Mobile, Alabama


Anne Rezabek, Westmont, Illinois

I’m thankful for the incredible JSG hiring managers throughout the country. Their consistent and clear feedback, input and energy ensures that I find only the best people for JSG to hire in each office location. This team is by far the best that I’ve worked with throughout my career and it makes my job a pleasure, on a daily basis. – Anne Rezabek, Westmont, Illinois


I am thankful to JSG for allowing me an opportunity to provide for my family and work for a company with American roots.  Having a wife and 3 daughters gives me purpose.  I was selfish before, but now I’m determined to be a better man and a strong father. – Ric Flores, Calabasas, California


Donna Kidd

I am thankful to have a job that I am passionate about, and enjoy getting up for each day. I’m reminded of something a very special person shared with me. Spend your time doing something you absolutely love, and move away from wasting your life on things that don’t matter to you. Our contractors ‘matter to us’, and we are thankful for each one of them. – Donna Kidd, Pelham, Alabama


“I am thankful for Taylor Merrion, HN my daughter who is serving this great nation in the US Navy.  Thanks for your service!!! I am thankful for the entire crew at Johnson Search Group.  You all have made JSG one of the leading staffing firms in the industry.  Thank you sincerely for all your efforts.” – Perry Paden, Spokane, Washington


Patricia Pelaez

I am very grateful for my 3 healthy children and to have been given the opportunity to work for JSG in such a crucial role. In Safety, we have the pleasure of building relationships with many different departments within JSG – which I enjoy very much! Not to mention, we get to play a leading role in keeping ourselves and our contractors working safely – which is a Win-Win for all involved. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! – Patricia Pelaez, Westmont, Illinois


I am thankful for the JSG family, with the teamwork throughout the company, they have made us the Greatest Staffing Company in the USA!” – Rob Boyle, Orlando, Florida



Copy of Patricia Pelaez

First & Foremost, I am thankful for God for everything He provides and bless us all with.  Thankful for everyone at JSG and especially here at the Bedford Office on making it feel like a family environment. And a shootout to our owners, Dale & Lou, and our Payroll Dept. – Michael Geil, Bedford, Texas


“I am thankful for Johnson Service Group and Michelle McMahan for giving me a chance and making me a part of this awesome team. My boss Adrienne Hebb whom is super supportive and awesome and my colleagues. One person in particular, Maria Brown whom recruited me and she always one phone call away. the entire HR team in Illinois, partnerships with Technicolor and my new candidates that’s also becoming a part of the team.” – Deliah Shelton, Atlanta, Georgia


Shahna Jacks

This November marks my one year anniversary at JSG.  I’m thankful that God has blessed me with this job and with co-workers truly celebrate the successes of one another and encourage and support one another when they are discouraged. We have a team mentality and I believe this is the secret to our success!  – Shahna Jacks, Spokane, Washington


“I am thankful for the JSG colleagues that I get to work with on a daily basis.  To be able to work as a team, and bring joy in people’s lives all over the United States is what I am truly thankful for here.” – Sidney Williams, Calabasas, California


Ranette Richardson

I am Thankful to be a part of a “Winning Team” and the sincerity and “The Open” arms of the staff with JSG.  Ranette Richardson, Atlanta, Georgia


“I am thankful for the leadership of Ed Zetusky and Justin Bell.  These 2 guys have believed in me and supported me as we grow the Pittsburgh market and I am very grateful to have them as mentors!” – Danine Miller, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Michelle Kirksey

I am thankful for the opportunity to have a career that allows me to specialize in healthcare and people. The combination allows me to be me and help others along the way.  When you are passionate about what you do it makes your job more meaningful and I am thankful to have a job at Johnson Search Group that feels a lot more like a labor of love than work. – Michelle Kirksey, Spokane, Washington


Tracy Isakson I am thankful for the support and love of my family and the leadership and staff of JSG that allow me to be the successful person I am. – Tracy Isakson, Spokane, Washington


“I am Thankful for our support staff here in the San Jose office, and Western Region.  Our Payroll group does an Excellent job at getting all the hours input and getting our employees paid each week.  And our Recruiting and On-Site Staff also do a Great job of finding candidates in this tight market we are currently in and taking care of our employees on-site.  I am Grateful for all of you!” – John Garcia, San Jose, California


Diane Lacson

I’m thankful for the opportunity to live in a beautiful city, work for a great company and to have a family that enjoys life’s up’s and downs together because, we all stand together and help one another and that all stems from the love of GOD. Happy Thanksgiving – Diane Lacson, Irvine, California


“I’m thankful for JSG’s continued dedication to advancing technology, tools, and our employees. And I am so grateful for the teams behind the scenes that make it happen every day!” – Patrice Sutton, Spokane, Washington


Copy of Diane Lacson

I am so thankful for everyone here at the Spokane branch. They’ve welcomed me to the team with open arms and have shown me what teamwork is all about. I’ve never worked for another company where my peers want me to succeed as much as they do for themselves. – Krista Portolesi, Spokane, Washington


“I am thankful for the team I work with in Chicago and for the time and effort they put in each day to make our branch successful.  I am thankful to work for a company that puts family first and gives me the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.” – Jim Halvorson, Westmont, Illinois


Aaron Waseca

I am thankful for a supportive family and a great job with some of the best professionals in the industry that truly knows the meaning of teamwork. – Aaron Waseca, Spokane, Washington


“I am very, very thankful for being a member of JSG team and to be working with such a great team. I am very thankful for my family and everyone that surrounds me because I believe I always learn something new from each one.” – Norman Ortega, Dallas, Texas


Ken Slater

I am thankful for the continued effort of the JSG teams across North America. Your determination helps people attain outstanding job and career opportunities while also assisting clients to reach their goals by hiring talented people.  – Ken Slater, Westmont, Illinois


Nick Donofrio

I am truly thankful for Michelle McMahan, giving me an opportunity to join the JSG Team and just letting “me be me”. I enjoy coming to work because I enjoy working for you. Thank you. – Nick Donofrio, Atlanta, Georgia


“2016 has made me thankful for the opportunity to discover what I am looking for in my career growth as I progress at JSG, I am truly thankful for this job. I will always be thankful for nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family, and dreams that turned into reality.” – Jessica Sems, Spokane, Washington 


Cathy Kennedy

I am thankful for the relationships I have with my customers.  It is very easy to gain new clients and so very easy to lose them.  I’m thankful that they are loyal to myself and JSG. – Cathy Kennedy, San Jose, California


Mike Measures

I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with a terrific leadership team at JSG as well as extremely thankful for such a dedicated, committed and fun staff that I have the pleasure to work alongside in Florida day to day! Furthermore, we all are thankful and blessed to be part of an organization that supports each of us and guides our company to greater heights year after year! – Mike Measures, Orlando, Florida


“I am grateful to JSG for the opportunity given to be able to continue and impact other people’s lives by contributing to our country’s economic growth. November marks my 1 year anniversary and I am thankful for being part of the JSG family!” – Griselda Dominguez, San Jose, California


Frank Cunnane

I am thankful for the opportunity to put people to work.  JSG gives me the platform to do so by being part of a fantastic team who are as passionate about helping others as I am. – Frank Cunnane, Atlanta, Georgia


“I am most thankful for my children and family. I am also grateful to work with a company that allows me to be my most creative self. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!” – Melissa Culbert, Spokane, Washington


Tracey Smith

This year I am especially thankful for family and the support of the many people at Johnson Search Group that I now include in that category. – Tracey Smith, Spokane, Washington


“I am thankful for my co-workers who have kept my head above water during some challenging times this year.” – Jon Weiner, Armonk, New York 


Ed Zetusky

I am thankful for my Grandmother who just turned 100 years old!  She continues to be an inspiration to me. – Ed Zetusky, Haddon Heights, New Jersey


“Sometimes it’s easier to focus on what we don’t have, rather than what we do have. It’s important to take time out and remember all of the things to be thankful for … here at Johnson Search Group we have individuals who have been mentors who are passionate about their careers, have leadership experience and wisdom that contributes to our success!” – Mary DuBoyce, Spokane, Washington


Rich Schoen I am thankful to have the opportunity to introduce JSG to companies in Houston and develop long term relationships with some really fine people. Thank you for your support. – Rich Schoen, Houston, Texas


“I am thankful that the US has a different Thanksgiving holiday than Canada, and is kind enough to broadcast your Thanksgiving NFL Football games up here.” – Jason Landa, Calgary, Alberta

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