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JSG Happenings: Bullhorn Engage Conference

This past month, a few of our wonderful employees attended the Bullhorn Engage conference in Boston. This was the first Bullhorn in-person conference since 2019— Nicole, Juan, and Uma were glad to be back and networking with other great people in staffing!

Addressing Business in a Post-pandemic World

Business is changing faster than ever, and JSG wants to keep up with the latest business practices and hiring trends. This conference discussed what has been happening and what we should expect in the near future when it comes to hiring. Bullhorn scheduled space for attendees to speak about their hiring experience and how they have learned from it. This allowed different companies to work together to give and receive advice from each other.

Using and Improving Technology

Speakers spent a large part of the conference discussing how we can use technology to amplify our hiring processes. They stressed the benefits of automated systems and combining this tech with very intentional personal contact. JSG sees GREAT importance in having good relationships with our candidates. We genuinely care for those we are walking alongside through the hiring process. We are rooting for their success—it is key that we communicate our willingness to invest to all of those we work with.

“Meet[ing] the Moment”

Our representatives joined over a thousand attendees in listening to 44 different speakers brought in by Bullhorn. All of these staffing attendees came together to act on the conference’s theme, “Meet the Moment,” and learn the best ways to reach candidates while keeping up with the latest in hiring. JSG is committed to providing the best experience for both candidates and clients throughout the hiring process!

Stay tuned to hear more of what Johnson Service Group does to give YOU the best experience!

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