Alexandra Grafton,

JSG Employee Spotlight: Alexandra Grafton

Alexandra Grafton,

Our support staff here at Johnson Service Group is truly the backbone of everything we do. This week, we’re excited to spotlight Alexandra Grafton, an Employee Services Representative in JSG’s Jacksonville office! She has been with the company for over a year and has made a significant impact on our clients, candidates, and her fellow coworkers. Keep reading to learn more about Alexandra and her role here at JSG!

You have been an Employee Service Representative with JSG for a year and a half. What does that entail?

My role is centered around Business Operations. I handle the onboarding, payroll, reports, and general team support for our Southeast region. I’m always available to answer questions, ensure our team members get paid, and fill in any gaps along the way!

What do you like most about working in the staffing industry?

I have the awesome opportunity to still be able to make an impact and help people in a behind-the-scenes role. I love that I’m able to help coordinate people into a job that they enjoy.

What do you think makes Johnson Service Group unique?

I have worked in other offices where I was never in contact with corporate. I love that I have contact with multiple people in the corporate office and I have the opportunity to develop relationships with multiple people throughout the company.

We’re really close-knit. Our work environment is serious but we also have a lot of fun! We go to breakfast once a month, and we have corn hole and ping pong in the office. It’s great to be able to work hard and still be able to enjoy yourself!

Alexandra Grafton Employee Spotlight

What are some of your favorite things to do in the Jacksonville area?

I have a 2-year-old corgi and I organize a local corgi meetup in Jacksonville. We try to do something once a month with 30-40 corgis. We are celebrating our 4th anniversary this year so we did a big party over labor day weekend!


Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence


This month, Johnson Service Group, Inc. is celebrating 35 years of excellence! Over the past three-and-a-half decades, we have grown to over 30 offices throughout the United States and Canada. We have had the opportunity to hire hundreds of thousands of qualified candidates for thousands of dedicated clients. We want to take a moment to reflect on this milestone and talk with some of our senior leadership about JSG’s achievements over the years.

Words from our executive team

Since our inception in 1984, Johnson Service Group CEO Dale Slater has been at the helm. “Over the past 35 years, Johnson Service Group has focused on hiring talented employees and building strong relationships with our clients,” says Dale. “This has allowed us to achieve the growth and success that we have always strived to achieve. Moving forward, we intend to continue this growth strategy and look towards generational growth and management.”

Executive Vice President Ken Slater has been an integral part of JSG’s history and growth. While the company looks toward the future, Ken is eager to continue the legacy. “As the industries that we serve continue to develop and evolve, we’ll efficiently align our strengths with our clients’ needs. As we celebrate 35 years of service, we’re looking forward to increased opportunities in helping our clients and candidates achieve their goals,” stated Ken.

Kind words from our staff

In anticipation of this anniversary milestone, we’ve been highlighting various JSG employees from different offices. And while they work across all different departments, specializing in multiple industries, we all have one goal in common: providing our clients with the best candidates on the market.

Here are some of our employee’s favorite things about working for JSG:

Michael Geil, Sr. Technical Recruiter – Dallas, Texas

“I love that the company is family-oriented from corporate down.”

Dylan Beck, Sr. Account Executive – Tampa, Florida

“I love that we’re empowered to make it our own. At JSG, we’re encouraged to go out and pursue companies no matter where they are or what industries they’re in. I also love the people I work with! I can look to my team to share knowledge and learn what makes everyone successful.”

Mike Adelman, Sr. Vice President – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Through the years, I have been extremely lucky with the staff I have worked with. Having a great staff and a strong working relationship with my team makes coming to work fun every single day.”

Jeremy Johnson, Account Executive – Spokane, WA

“I love the dance of it all. Having the opportunity to navigate in this career and the chance to be successful every day keeps me excited and ready to take on the days’ challenges. At JSG, I have the opportunity every day to make a difference.”

Jay Kerrigan, Business Development Manager – San Jose, California

“One thing that stands out to me about JSG is our core values. JSG doesn’t just state their core values; they truly mean them and stand by them. In my experience, too many staffing firms try to re-engineer themselves to try and be “different” or get a leg up on the competition. But JSG stays true to themselves and continuously improves each year.”

Tracy Corbett, Operations Accounting Manager – Chicago, Illinois

“The best part of JSG is the people. I am proud to be part of such a great team who does such a tremendous job every single day. Every one of our team members is hardworking, loyal, and dedicated to JSG’s success. They see the growth potential of the company, and they have helped develop a fun working environment. I am honored to be in a position to help lead them.”

Tamara Harries, Canadian Administrator – Toronto, Canada

“I also enjoy working closely with our contractors. I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the same contracts for over a decade. We have developed close connections with many of our contractors, and they feel more like friendships than working relationships. To me, this isn’t just a job that I clock in and out of every day. At JSG, I have become invested in my job. I want to see the business grow as well as see our contractors grow into their new positions.”

Thank you for 35 years of excellence

Thank you to all of our employees, clients, and contractors throughout the years for your hard work and dedication to JSG. Without you, we wouldn’t be standing here today celebrating 35 years of excellence. Thank you again, and we look forward to serving you for another 35 years!

September 2019 Anniversaries

September Anniversaries and August New Hires

September 2019 Anniversaries

September 2019 Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our employees with September anniversaries. We appreciate your dedication to JSG and all of your hard work. Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff!

Atlanta, GA

Darryl Dixon – 14 years

Tina Brumfield– 7 years

Knoxville, TN

Jeff Rowe – 6 years

Stan Crawford – 1 year

San Jose, CA

Priscilla Torres – 4 years

Brittany Gamboa – 2 years

Sasa Seto – 1 year

Westmont, IL

Sharon Tinker – 4 years

Jen Cariola – 2 years

Katie Bright – 2 years

Grace Pender – 2 years

George Dabagia – 1 year

Tampa, FL

Craig Brooks – 2 years

August New Hires

August 2019 New Hires

JSG gained some new faces in August. Please join us in welcoming our newest staff members to the JSG team!

Atlanta, GA

Melissa Ramirez

Sean Kinsey

North Charleston, SC

Andy Jewell Jr.

Westmont, IL

Liana Hafner

Kevin Browne

Spokane, WA

Kevin Gaschk

Irvine, CA

Mindy Shaw 

Knoxville, TN

Leigh Griffith-Seebach

Labor Day

The Meaning of Labor Day

Labor Day

For most of us, Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer. It’s the last hoorah for summertime fun at the lake and the final holiday weekend until Thanksgiving. While most of us look forward to this three-day weekend, Labor Day is actually a holiday with deep historical significance. As a leader in the Staffing and Recruiting industry, we want to take a moment to reflect on the importance of this holiday.

What is Labor Day?

Labor Day is the celebration of the American labor movement; it honors the great contributions and achievements of the American worker. The U.S. celebrates Labor Day on the first Monday each September. This year’s celebration (September 2, 2019) is the 125th anniversary of this federal holiday! But how did it become such a significant milestone for American workers and our nation’s history?

The history

The founder of Labor Day is actually somewhat unclear. Peter J. McGuire, the co-founder of the American Federation of Labor and General Secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, is often recognized as the originator of the holiday. According to McGuire himself, on May 8, 1882, he proposed to the young Central Labor Union in New York City that there should be a “general holiday for the laboring classes.” Moreover, he supposedly suggested the first Monday in September to be set aside to honor the American Laborer with a street parade as a public demonstration followed by a picnic for local unions to use as a fundraiser.

However, recent research illustrates that Matthew Maguire, a machinist and later the Secretary of Local 344 of the International Association of Machinists in Paterson, NJ, proposed the holiday in 1882. While serving as the Secretary of the Central Labor Union (CLU) of New York, he proposed this special day to become a holiday to the CLU. Maguire is now being credited as the brainchild of Labor Day proposing the holiday to be celebrated on the first Monday of each September after the first successful celebration on Tuesday, September 5, 1882.

Becoming a Federal Holiday

Over the years, more and more states began to celebrate the great American workers. The introduction of the first state bill was in New York state; however, Oregon was the first state to pass the holiday as state law on February 21, 1887. By 1894, 12 years after the first celebration, 23 states adopted the holiday. Then, on June 28, 1894, President Grover Cleveland signed a law making the first Monday in September of each year a national holiday.

Regardless of who founded the holiday, Labor Day has a profound historical significance. At the end of the day, this holiday is to celebrate you, the American worker. Thus, by working together and putting our differences aside, we have overcome huge milestones throughout our country’s relatively short history. We’ve made our country a better, healthier place and rallied together to improve working conditions, fight for fair pay, and to improve our livelihoods along the way.

A big thanks to you

To summarize, President Theodore Roosevelt summed up the spirit of the American worker well:

“It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move onto better things.”

At Johnson Service Group, we have the opportunity to work with thousands of wonderful, hardworking people across the country. Thank you for all your hard work and the contributions you make to our country. It’s an honor to work with you all and help keep the true spirit of this important holiday going strong. Happy Labor Day!

Michael Geil Employee Spotlight

JSG Employee Spotlight: Michael Geil

Michael Geil Employee Spotlight

Michael Geil has been with Johnson Service Group, Inc. for over ten years on our Aerospace Engineering Recruiting team. As a Senior Technical Recruiter, he works with many of our longstanding clients in the industry. Keep reading to learn more about Michael and his career with JSG!

You have been with JSG for over ten years! Tell us more about your career in staffing.

Through the years, I’ve had multiple connections with JSG, including Jim Beckley, the SVP out of California and my dad, Rich Geil, the SVP back here in Texas. When I graduated from school, my dad was the one who hired me and inspired me to get into Aerospace Engineering staffing.

What do you like most about working for JSG?

Working for my dad and working with great coworkers. We’ve been together for a long time, and have been able to establish family comradery. I love that the company is family-oriented from corporate down. Over the past ten years, the company has grown exponentially!

How has the industry changed over the past ten years?

Since I primarily work on contract or contract-to-permanent-type positions, it certainly has been more difficult with better technology, more competitors and people less inclined to move for contract positions, which are things outside our control.

So, we need to focus more on the things we can control to better serve these people working for us or potential candidates and help separate us from our competitors. By focusing on better customer service and provide quick response/feedback to these people (unless some fly night agencies), they might be more inclined to work with you. I like to use the analogy like that of a 5-star hotel or Chic Fil A, where they provide over the top customer service.

What are some of the significant trends in the Aerospace industry?

It’s always a roller coaster ride; it’s never the same! Lately, a lot of the work we’re getting is military and space. There are a lot of advancements in Aerospace, particularly surrounding NASA.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I have four young kids ages 8, 6, 4, 18 months. So they take up the vast majority of my time outside of work. If I do get to do anything, I like to exercise and watch sports (football, baseball, hockey).

Just spend time with family and enjoy life.

Construction engineers discussing work on site.

Construction & Engineering Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Construction engineers discussing work on site.

What’s Happening in the Construction & Engineering Industry?

With the implementation of new technologies, changing practices, and a shift in mindset, the engineering and construction industry faces some major changes in 2019 and beyond.

Currently, the construction industry is booming with the employment of over 7.2 million people, an all-time low unemployment rate (1.3% for engineering and 3.6% for construction), and a projected market value of $808 billion by the end of 2019.

This market is extremely competitive; some are even calling 2019 in the construction and engineering industry “The War for Talent.” The heightened competition in this field makes it hard for employers to find the best talent that will drive their company to success. Let’s take a look at the four industry trends to look out for in the second half of 2019.

Technology Might Be Changing Everything

As we all know, technology is constantly changing, affecting almost every part of our lives! As a result, today’s increase in technology directly provides career growth opportunities in the engineering and construction industry. Technology supports, rather than replaces, the industry’s talent with better tools for success. In short, technological advancements provide safer work environments, more efficient practices, and an elevated quality of work.

Technology like smart gear, drones, AI, and smart cities are taking this industry by storm. Smart gear, like connected hardhats and work boots, leads the way in safety with alternative ways to communicate, monitor, and track employees. Alongside smart gear, drones have become more popular on work sites. Within the last year, drone usage increased by 239 percent. Using drones provides a more advantageous way to look at sites, create heat maps, gather analytics, and market.

In addition, the efficiency of projects is skyrocketing with the help of technology. AI alone reduces project time and cost by as much as 15 percent! Overall, the variety and multitude of advancing technology are paving the way to the future: smart cities! These advanced cities incorporate ICT, information, and communication technologies to improve the entire city’s quality of life. Smart cities provide a better future living while also reducing waste and consumption. New York, China, and Singapore are just a few cities that have already started implementing smart city practices. Smart city spending is expected to reach $158 billion globally by 2022, and is relying on the engineering and construction industry to get there!

Software is Improving Efficiency Beyond Belief

Overall, the construction and engineering industry is thriving due to the increase in technology. The industry is facing some technological advancements related to data and software from which it won’t be able to shift away. Improvements in project management software programs make jobs more time-efficient by eliminating steps in the process. Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software and Smart Contracts are on the rise. BIM’s 3D intelligent software is making industry leaders stand out from the crowd by facilitating the entire life cycle of a project. Likewise, Smart Contracts also increase productivity by providing an all in one tracking system that keeps all the moving parts of the business operation in line.

Construction and Engineering Practices are Taking a 360

Modular and prefabricated construction is accelerating the future of the construction and engineering industry. Modular/prefabricated construction can generally be clumped together and defined as when modules of buildings are assembled off-site then brought on-site for final construction. This relatively new method in construction has significant benefits, including financial savings, time efficiency, environmental benefits, safety improvements, and project flexibility. Being overall, greener, faster, and smarter. It’s predicted that modular construction will continue to grow by 6.9 percent per year, hitting an impressive $157 billion by 2023!

Sustainability is Becoming More and More Important

In combination with updated practices and technology advancements, going green in today’s society seems easy. Consequently, green construction is the most trending topic in the construction industry. Green construction is a way of building projects in an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient way. And, the younger generation views not as an extra benefit, but as an expected standard. This industry is gearing toward renewable and sustainable practices by aiming for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification. This world-renowned certification provides a way to verify environmentally friendly practices through a widely recognized source. Today, companies want to obtain this certification to achieve instant recognition, increased efficiency, and decreased resources. In conclusion, it’s evident that going green truly has its perks in saving money and time in this industry.

What Now?

The engineering and construction industry faces rapid growth and change in 2019, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping there! Now is the time where talent is needed the most but the most difficult to find! But, we are ready to help you find the best and most qualified talent in today’s tight labor market. Check out our job board to get your critical roles filled fast!

JSG Employee Spotlight: Su Voeun

Su Voeun

Su Voeun is an Employee Service Representative/Payroll Specialist in our San Jose office. She celebrated four years with JSG in July and has been an essential factor in the great success the western region sees, year after year. Check out what she had to say when it comes to her role here at Johnson Service Group!

What did you do before JSG and how long have you been in payroll?

I worked multiple jobs as a payroll specialist as well as a data analyst where most of the roles were contract. I graduated with my Bachelors in Accounting and so payroll has just been something I’ve enjoyed doing. Right before I came to JSG, I was working as a data analyst for CISCO. I had a mutual connection with JSG due to them placing me at one of my contract roles. Excitingly enough, when that CISCO role came to an end, they asked me if I wanted to join the San Jose team as a full-time Payroll Specialist. I, of course, said yes! It meant a lot to me since I hadn’t been working in payroll for a couple of years but was so excited to get back into it and have that security of a full-time position.

What do you like about working for JSG and the San Jose office?

I love that I get to help contractors every day as well as work in a fantastic office where the people are super sweet and support one another 100 percent! I work in a group of 3 payroll specialists, and we’re always helping one another when needed and vice-versa. It’s like a big family, not only with the people here in San Jose but also with our co-workers we get to work with at corporate too. They all make my job so much easier. I admire that JSG is more like a family that focuses on supporting every member of the team.

I also love the fact that since everyone works so closely together, we never have a lack of communication. Especially with our contractors due to our on-site recruiters.

What do you want to accomplish this year?

This year we’re working on new technology to upgrade our payroll and accounting systems. I’m so excited to use the new system and see how much more it helps our processes advance.

What are some of your hobbies?

Recently I’ve taken up seeing a lot of Broadway Musicals. I just saw Aladdin, and it was spectacular! I also would say I’m a definite foodie, so I love going around and finding excellent new places to eat in the San Jose area. We love to use yelp, and it’s been helpful so far!

Happy Anniversary

August Anniversaries and July New Hires

Happy Anniversary

August 2019 Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our employees with August anniversaries. We appreciate your dedication to JSG and all of your hard work. Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff!

Atlanta, GA

Fred Williams – 9 years

Carmen Cabrera – 6 years

Michelle Figari – 3 years

Annette Rinslo – 2 years

Madan Yonzon – 1 year

Bedford, TX

Christy Williams – 3 years

Birmingham, AL

Linda McCarron – 11 years

Columbia, SC

Pat Layden – 6 years


Jason Landa – 5 years

Kim Getty – 5 years

Jacksonville, FL

Terry Peak – 2 years

Knoxville, TN

Linda Woods – 7 years

Spokane, WA

Jeremy Johnson – 2 years

Westmont, IL

Cynthia Razo – 9 years

Harry Snyder – 5 years

Lacey Boulware – 5 years

Beth Seyler – 3 years

Nicole Shenberger – 3 years

Debra Silva – 2 yearsJuly New Hires

July 2019 New Hires

JSG gained some new faces in June. Please join us in welcoming our newest staff members to the JSG team!

Atlanta, GA

Brook Williams

Gloria Salgado

Bedford, TX

Kiev Dao

Birmingham, AL

Erica Johnson

Charleston, SC

Kaitlyn Morgan

Columbia, SC

Macie Spigner

Irvine, CA

Joshua Jordan

Kaylin Legacy

Westmont, IL

Lee Gesme

Gabriella Hoeflich

JSG Named 70th Largest Staffing Firm In The US

Johnson Service Group, Inc. is proud to announce our inclusion on Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA)’s list of the Largest Staffing Firms in the United States. Ranked by revenue, the report covers firms that generated at least $100 million in US staffing revenue in 2018. This year’s list features 157 companies, with a combined revenue of $90.2 billion and control of 61% of the market. This is JSG’s 6th year in a row being named to this elite list.

“As the US economy enters into a record eleventh year of expansion, our report highlights the breadth and depth of staffing companies currently operating in the US marketplace,” said Timothy Landhuis, Director of Research, North America at SIA. “Capitalizing on the need for staffing services across all sectors of the economy, we continue to see a multitude of industrial and professional staffing firms sustain impressive revenue levels and achieve further growth.”

Stay tuned for more updates from Johnson Service Group as Staffing Industry Analysts continues to release more of their yearly reports!

Gabriella Hoeflich

HR Highlights: Meet Our New HR Coordinator

Gabriella Hoeflich

As Johnson Service Group continues to grow in today’s candidate-driven market, we’re building up our staff to better serve our clients, candidates, and internal employees. As a result, we’ve added another new face to our Human Resources team! Please join us in welcoming Gabriella Hoeflich, our newest HR Coordinator!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hello! I am Gabriella, and I am JSG’s new HR Coordinator. I just graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Human Resource Management. During my time at ISU, I worked in the Admissions Office and was involved in a few organizations. After my graduation, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Romania for 17 days. I am very excited to begin my career in Human Resources!

What made you want to go into a career in Human Resources?

Right before I began my college applications, I knew I wanted to major in something related to business, but I was not exactly sure which field. I started to think about my work experience in high school and the interactions I had with the HR department. I was interested in what they did, and I decided to pursue Human Resource Management as my major. After taking classes in my program and gaining HR experience from my internship, I knew I made the right choice and wanted to begin my career in a Human Resources role.

What attracted you to Johnson Service Group?

When I was taking a recruitment and selection course at school, the staffing industry became one of the top industries I wanted to have an HR role in. I was also taking a benefits course at this time, so when searching for my first HR role, I wanted an opportunity to work with benefits as well. When I found the HR Coordinator job posting, I was happy to see this was a position with mostly benefit responsibilities for a staffing company. After doing some research on Johnson Service Group, I became even more interested in working here. Everyone here is so welcoming, too!

What will your primary responsibilities be as a member of our HR Team?

As an HR Coordinator, I will have a variety of responsibilities, but most will be with benefits. I will be assisting with insurance and 401(k) administration, payroll, and commuter benefits. I will process enrollments and changes for contract and staff employees, respond to questions regarding benefits, help with open enrollments, update 401(k) plans, and help with other tasks as needed.

What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

Outside of work, I like to spend time with family and friends, watch movies, travel, and go shopping!