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DIY Professional Headshot

DIY: Professional Headshot

When searching for a job online, your first impression is the headshot recruiters see on your profile. Make sure that it looks professional! Read on for some tips for DIYing a professional-looking headshot. 

Professional Dress

Wear something that is professional, simple, and true to your personality! Darker colors usually photograph best–avoid wearing white. Stick to solids rather than busy patterns. If you wear jewelry, make sure it is simple and understated. 

Natural Light

Find the spots in your home or office with the best natural light. Turn off any additional ambient lighting. Face the natural light source and put the camera between the light and your face. This setup will flatter your face and prevent harsh shadows.

Clean Background

It is best to have a clean, uncluttered background. Use what you have at your disposal–a white poster board, a fresh houseplant, or a professional desk. The key is to keep it simple! 

Do not use filters or camera effects. 


Try a few different poses to find the most flattering. Sometimes, facing the camera head-on isn’t your best angle! Try angling your body in different ways. Test a couple of different types of smiles—soft, toothy, somewhere in the middle, etc. The key to taking the right photo is experimentation!


No one around? No problem! Prop up your lens and use the self-timer function on your phone or camera to snap a few photos. Avoid taking a “selfie.” You can also record a video while trying different poses/angles and screenshot the most professional and flattering.

Put it to use!

Now that you have a great new headshot, you can upload it to your profiles. Set it as your LinkedIn profile photo, Microsoft account picture, or even your Facebook profile!

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