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Make It or Break It: Onboarding

The onboarding process can often be overlooked. You have won over the candidate, and it is now their first day on the job. Now what? An all-encompassing onboarding process is vital to helping employees feel prepared for what they just signed up for (a job with you!) and keeping them around.

Provide a Schedule

People like to know what to expect when going into a new experience. Giving employees a basic outline of their first day or week can ease nerves and show your awareness of their needs. This also ensures they are ready and on time for different onboarding processes. Giving new employees a schedule also allows them to prepare for various aspects of their new job and come ready with any questions or concerns that they may have.

Supply Resources

Provide employees with what they need on the job as soon as possible. Employees like to see that their new company is not only excited but also prepared for them to join the team. If appropriate for their position, provide some kind of booklet/binder that outlines their responsibilities with basic instructions. This gives them the autonomy to start acquainting themselves with how things are done at your company.

Introduce Coworkers

It is important that your new employee feels like they are part of the team. Introduce them to their coworkers, so they know who is who. This way, they will know who to reach out to when they have questions or need assistance with their work. If possible, have some employees take the new hire out to lunch sometime during their first week. This creates a more relaxed and sociable environment for employees to get comfortable with one another.

Giving employees a solid base the begin with sets them up for success at your company in the long run. Good onboarding means prepared employees. Prepared employees are happy employees.

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