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Five Fun Fabrication Facts

Five Fun Fabrication Facts

Here at JSG, we employ many in the fabrication industry. Let’s celebrate our talented workers with some interesting facts about metal fabrication!

  1. Fabrication can be dated back to as early as 4000 B.C. Archeologists see evidence of the process used to shape gold and other metal jewelry. Source: MetroSteel.com
  2. According to EVSmetal.commetal fabrication can help save the trees! They assert that the metal framing for a home can be built with the recycled metal of 4 cars. If the same house were constructed with wood, it would require 40 trees to be cut down!
  3. More than 50% of products used daily were created with some form of fabrication. This includes cars, cell phones, and things as simple as your fork and knife! Source: ManyFabrication.com
  4. Earth’s atmosphere is the only barrier keeping two metals from automatically bonding! If we were in a vacuum, any two pieces of metal that touched would automatically bond. On Earth, a minute layer of oxidized material is the only thing keeping two touching metals from becoming one! Source: TWS.edu
  5. The deepest wet weld ever performed underwater was at a depth of 2000ft. This weld was performed by the U.S. Navy. The deepest dry weld was performed at a depth of 1075ft. Source: EVSmetal.com

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