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How to Avoid Application Burnout

How To Avoid Application Burnout

When looking for a job, it is tempting to hop on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or LinkedIn and just start sending your resume to every company possible. Especially if you are desperate for a job, it can’t hurt, right? Wrong. Although it may seem like an effective way to get your name out there, it ends with discouragement and not a lot of job offers. Here is how to avoid application burnout by sending out fewer applications and landing more jobs.

Why resume dumping doesn’t work

As much as we live in the digital age, people still like to see people, not just names on a screen. When the only effort you put into an application is clicking “quick apply,” that employer’s sole impression of you is your resume. It is easy for them to brush by you if you do not have the exact skills they are looking for. When no personal connection is made, the employer is given no reason to vouch for you. 

Check with your contacts 

Companies LOVE to hire people with who they already have a connection. If they already have an employee that can vouch that the candidate is a hard worker and a good person, the company is much more likely to hire them. Contact your friends, other alumni from your college or school, even your third cousin, twice removed. People are a lot more willing to help than you think, and often, they can benefit from you getting hired as well (hello, referral bonus)! This can also help you narrow your prospects, assisting you even further in avoiding application burnout.

Make things personal

If you do not have a personal connection with the company, you should still apply. Make a professional connection! Once you have applied, send an email to the hiring manager, give the company a call, or both. Making these connections helps show your personality to the company, not to mention that you care about the position enough to follow up.

Partner with a Recruiter

If you’re serious about advancing your career, a partnership with a Recruiter can be extremely advantageous. They have personal connections with dozens of companies and they have a pulse on who is hiring and what they’re looking for. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

**Bonus tip: Make sure your email account has a photo of you as the avatar. This way, the company can put a face to your name!

Make smart connections, use your resources, and don’t burn yourself out! Applying for jobs is a process. If done well, you can land a job you love!

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