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Should You Apply To Multiple Jobs At The Same Company At Once?

Should You Apply To Multiple Jobs At The Same Company At Once?

You’re browsing job boards, and you see that your dream company is hiring. Even better, they’re hiring for a position that matches your skillset! Wait, multiple positions that match your skill set! Could it be too good to be true? The answer is maybe. We’ll dive into both sides to help you decide if you should apply to multiple jobs at the same company at once.

Benefits of Applying To Multiple Jobs At Once

If you’re applying to a large company, applying for multiple jobs at once can be very beneficial. In some cases, if they are under different departments or silos within the company, candidates have received competing offers from the same company! Applying to multiple positions allows you to get more eyes on your resume and hopefully catch the attention of at least one hiring manager.

Detriments of Applying To Multiple Jobs At Once

On the other hand, applying to multiple jobs might not always be the best way to grab attention. Some hiring managers will get the impression that you are just applying to anything without real purpose or passion for the job. Even if you’re qualified, it can leave a bad taste in their mouth.

How You Should Decide

In most cases, there will be one position better suited to your experiences and qualifications than the others. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend focusing your efforts on that job. After all, you will need to customize your application materials to the job description. However, if there are genuinely multiple positions that you qualify for at a large company – go for it! Just be sure to clearly explain why each position would be a good fit and take the time to complete all of the application materials, from your resume to cover letter to additional messages.

Now, if you partner with a staffing firm like Johnson Service Group to find your next position, you don’t have to worry about application conundrums like this. We will assess you for each position and submit you to the ones that are the best match. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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