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VPN Connections and How They Work

VPN Connections and How They Work

Everything we do is transitioning to an online format. With this, we all need to start thinking about safely accessing the internet without risking our security. Unfortunately, whether you know it or not, you most likely jeopardize your online security more often than you think. That is why understanding the importance of VPN connections is a game-changer in protecting your safety when you are online from any device. 

What Exactly is a VPN? 

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is, in short terms, a private network that connects to a public internet connection. Think of it as a connection that hides your identity when connected to a public network so no one can access your sensitive information, such as an IP address. VPNs are encrypted connections that ultimately provide you with the best security possible when connected to any Wi-Fi network. Using encrypted connections makes your data unreadable to anyone, including your internet provider. When connected to a public network without using a VPN, you risk anyone being able to eavesdrop on your online activity. VPNs are all about securing a user’s privacy and not compromising any information that a hacker or someone could find when looking for your online actions.

Overall Benefits of Using a VPN 

The most significant benefit of them all is security. VPNs focus is on providing a service to secure your online activity and data. Having a secure network keeps everything private, which is super beneficial if you work with sensitive information for your job or personal accounts. Another great advantage is VPNs are usually very affordable. If you have a small business, it may be a great idea to purchase a VPN as they typically cost $50 – $100 per year, which usually covers up to five people. This cost is an excellent investment for everyone using the network, keeping everything safe. From this, VPNs also take little effort to set up and maintain. Similar to any online subscription service, VPNs operate primarily through a non-physical infrastructure that is online. You need to pay the subscription, and that is it. It does not get more simple than that! VPNs are designed to be an easy-access tool that can save you time and money in the long run.

Where Can You Get a VPN, and What is The Best Option for You?

First, you need to decide why you are using a VPN. There are tons of services out there that provide VPNs, but you must do research for which one will be best for your intended purposes. For example, there are tons of apps, websites, and companies that offer free VPN services. However, these services do not always provide the features you might need, such as accessing your data. Having this access, for many people, defeats the whole purpose of having a VPN. It would be best to be very careful with what VPN service you sign up for and do your research before committing to a plan.

That is why teaming up with a knowledgeable IT Services company, like Johnson Service Group, can be the best solution. You must thoroughly design your network plan before fully committing. We use a variety of techniques that can help support you in what network options are best for you:

  • Analytics
  • Consultation
  • Network and deployment plan
  • Onsite direction and leadership
  • Onsite/Offsite support with SLAs
  • Round-the-clock remote support

What To Do Now 

Although VPNs are beneficial, it is crucial to choose the right service for your company’s needs. There are pros and cons to any VPN service, so it is essential to understand the topic thoroughly. At JSG, we are always ready to help ensure the security of your data and employees. Reach out to us today, and let’s have a conversation to build the best solution for your company.

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